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Monday, May 28, 2012

Kindle Perspective

Last week, I realized that my Kindle was missing. I figured I'd lost it, because I lose stuff... except I'm pretty protective of my Kindle and where I keep it. However... after my neighbor told me about some car break-ins in the neighborhood, it got my thinking... maybe my Kindle was stolen.

I exhausted all of the possibilities, and I finally accepted that based on everything I've done and been told, my Kindle was, in fact, stolen. So today, I called the police and filed a report. They were really nice and didn't act like I was stupid. They even brought a guy out to fingerprint, but because I'd taken so long to report it, they said it was worthless. Still, I'm glad they took me seriously, and it was good to talk to them. Last summer, we had a group of teenagers who broke into cars, so if they're at it again, at least my report will help put them away.

But now I have to buy a new Kindle. I really didn't want one to begin with, but now that I have over 600 ebooks, I guess I need to have something to read them on, since I don't like reading on my computer. ERGH. I hate spending the money, and I hate having to make such a big decision.

However, I feel better about the loss of my Kindle, and I'm glad I called the police. I'm even okay with having to buy a new one.  All it took was a little change in perspective.

Yesterday at church, the pastor was talking about the Holy Spirit, and we had an extended prayer time that was really wonderful. And as they called out different things to pray for, I realized that the absolute worst thing that happened to me this week was losing my Kindle. You probably shouldn't read that again, because then you'll realize what a shallow dork I am. Even though I hate the idea of buying a new one, the reality is that I have the money to go out and buy another right now.

So what exactly is my problem?

Um, nothing.

I can't believe how much energy I have wasted over such a silly thing. There are so many other things in life to spend my time and energy on, so rather than letting the fact that a bunch of dumb kids broke into my car and stole my Kindle get me down, I'm going to focus on the other things in my life. The good things. The stuff that a bunch of bratty teenagers can't take away.

What are you wasting your energy on? Is there something unimportant you can take your focus off and put it where it belongs?

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