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Friday, April 11, 2008

Pure randomness

For all my lovely friends who've been nagging me... I'm sorry. Not only is it the last week of tax season, but a new project I've been waiting to launch has finally launched, AND another thing I've been waiting on is happening now, AND somehow I managed to get myself addicted to packrat.

Just shush. I do not want to hear it.

On top of all that, I've got insomnia something fierce. I'm in bed and all I can think about is everything else I have to do. I try to take a nap and the dishes piling up in the sink start calling my name. The dark circles under my eyes have dark circles.

But you're not here to read my complaints. Somehow, I'm supposed to entertain and uplift you. Or make you laugh. And trust me, there's nothing funny about insomnia or the mess my house is in or the fact that life is just piling up on me. But knowing some of you, you're probably laughing. Good for you. Go ahead. Amuse yourselves at my expense. There's a dead body in a future book with your name on it.

And that's pretty funny too... I was talking with someone about this the other night. As much as I talk smack about killing people and all the gory things I'd do, I have yet to actually do it in a book. Except my hero. He's really in a coma. Er, was. He woke up this chapter, so we're all quite thrilled. But I'm still singing "boyfriend in a coma." Does anyone remember that song? I'm writing this beautiful heart wrenching scene and I'm singing a rather funny song.

Lack of sleep, I tell you. Lack of sleep. Seriously, I am the funniest person I know when I don't get my ten hours. I'm working on 5-6. I think. I went to bed last night at 1, spent most of the night tossing and turning and being kicked by kiddo who connived her way into our bed, and finally got up at 6:30 to help other kiddo get ready for school and take out the recycling because it's recycling day and That Man always forgets. I tried to go back to sleep but we have wood peckers. Have you ever seen the movie "Failure to Launch"? The girl and the mockingbird... I feel her pain. For us, it's wood peckers. One pecks on the metal vents on the roof, the other pecks on the gutters in response. They peck and peck and peck and peck and peck and peck and peck and peck and peck. It echoes through my house.

I am going crazy.

Speaking of going crazy, and the real reason for my rambling post other than to let folks know I really am alive (which you'd know if you played packrat... but don't you dare play if you're going to steal my cards, because then I really WILL kill you and put you in a book).... I'm helping out with a giveaway for my dear friend Cheryl Wyatt. I've just told you a whole lot of random stuff that's going on in my life. Now I'm going to tell you something really random about her. She got her first motorcycle at age five. And if you're part of the ACFW book club and are playing the game, you've just been given an important clue.

If you aren't a member of the ACFW book club, then why not? Not only do they discuss great books (like Cheryl's), but they have some fun contests. So click here to join.

Finally, because I'm so nice and free with giving away other people's stuff, plus, I figure I owe it to you for forcing you to read my rambling to get the answer, I'm going to pick a winner out of all the comments for a free Cheryl Wyatt book. So tell me something random about your crazy life. Craziest, most random event wins.


Janet Spaeth said...

You mean like the way I did my make-up earlier this week? I use 3 items: cream foundation, cream blush, and mascara.

It was inevitable. I got the jars mixed up (never ever ever talk to your kids while you're putting on your make-up, especially if you haven't had your morning coffee) and covered my whole face with a nice deep rose blush.

Jan Parrish said...

Today I wore 30 SPF and still burned. Then I bought a pair of jeans on the clearance rack at the tall chicks store for an obscene price - I need "ultra" tall you know. But the best part was the gal in the store who was a good 4 inches taller than I am. I loved that!

Robbie Iobst said...

Yay you are back! I loved talking to you at Megan's party. You were funny then, too. Was that lack of sleep or just fabulous Danica?

Random, huh? Well, I have an addiction I haven't told anyone about.
I am addicted to checking out books at the library. Books I know I won't read. I leave the library each time with at least six books. I am not a fast reader. But I can't help it. They call to me from the shelves, "Pick me. Read me." I do. Well, at least I pick them. As I leave I feel, well, intellectual and learned. Alas, my secret is out. Help me.
I don't think there is a 12 step group for this, but if there is...well, if they meet at the library I'll go. Then I can check some books out...

ChristyJan said...

This is my first time to visit your blog ~ it's wonderful!

Something random about your crazy life...ummm my maiden name is the same as my husband's mother's maiden name. It's also the same as my Mom's Mother's maiden name.

Danica Favorite said...

Jaen, I hope you took a picture, that sounds lovely! LOL

Jan, that is a pretty cool thing.

Robbie, I'm always fabulous, thanks for noticing. Let's go hang at the library soon.

Christyjan, welcome! And that is a way cool random thing. Now what I want to know is if it's a common last name, like Smith, or something weird, like Pumpernickelsmackel.