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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oh how the mighty have fallen...

In my last post, I was extremely excited about filing my taxes.

Today, I realized something terrible.

Oh great wonderful tax person that I am...

I filed my own taxes wrong.

Poor hubby's going to have a heart attack when he reads this. The good news is, it only sets us back about $300, so we'll still have plenty of money. The bad news is, I'm going to be teased mercilessly about it for a very long time.

Basically, what happened was that when I went to file my Federal taxes, I used a W2 off our company's HR site. I missed the part about it being LAST YEAR'S. So when I went to file our state this evening (I did them separate... and a good thing, since that's how I found the mistake), I realized two things: one, the W2 was for the wrong year, so I understated our income and two, I didn't add back our state tax refund (they didn't send me a form!). GRRRRR

Fortunately, I am a trained professional, and I've gotten quite good at filing amended returns for other people who do stupid things on their taxes. Now, I'm the stupid person, and fortunately, I think I've finally gotten our taxes right.

*insert long sigh*

The other really good thing is that I discovered the mistake prior to April 15th, which means I'll get the corrections out to them by the deadline, so I won't owe penalties or interest. YAY!

Hey, I've got to have something to be happy about.

1 comment:

D. Gudger said...

My dh is going to tackle the tax thing tonight. I. Can't. Wait.

UGH! It is comforting to know that even the pros make mistakes. We're hoping we can get our personals done before the deadline so we can get that "big" tax thing from the gov't to pay back taxes.

Something is wrong with that. Using tax refunds to pay back taxes...