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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #40: Reasons I need a bulldozer

Thirteen Reasons I need a bulldozer

1. Because you can't walk through my dining room with all the clean laundry piled up.
2. You also can't walk through the living room with all the MOPS sale stuff piled up.
3. You can't walk through the basement with all the kid stuff piled up.
4. You can't walk through my bedroom with all the dirty laundry piled up.

Notice a theme here?

5. You can't see my kitchen counter with all the mail and school papers piled up.
6. You can't see my sink with all the dishes stacked up.
7. There's a big dirt pile in my back yard that needs to be flattened.
8. We have ugly evergreen bushes in the front yard that I want gone.
9. It might be helpful for next winter for snow removal.
10. I have boxes of papers in my office to sort.
11. Did I mention our storage unit that needs to be cleaned out?
12. Because I think it would be fun to squish stuff.
13. And, as my stepfather likes to say, you never know when a bulldozer will come in handy.

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cindy kay said...

Ha-- when my kids were little, my husband used to threaten to get a shovel, but I can see that you definitely need the Big Equipment! :D

Kaige said...

I hear ya, Danica!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you got a piece of cake!

Happy TT!

Jan Parrish said...

"Because I think it would be fun to squish stuff." I agree. I think it would a load of fun as long as I only had to do it until I was "over" it.
"And, as my stepfather likes to say, you never know when a bulldozer will come in handy." That's a good line. :)I think you should use it in one of your books.

K. said...

Can I borrow your bulldozer when you're through? I think it might be the only way to save my garage...

Happy TT!
she's in transition

Karen said...

Oh...are we twins separated at birth or have you been to my house? I'm sure you must have been peeking in my windows! I also have a basement that you can't even walk thru without moving something and a garage I haven't been in since 2002. Don't worry tho -- as my mom said, as long as there's plenty of food, no one looks!!
Love your blog -- and I linked it on mine!
Happy TT!

Robin said...

Umm, can I borrow it when you're done? I could definitely use it over here!

Anonymous said...

Great listing! Happy TT, mine's up too hope you can drop by!

Darla said...

Oh, I could use a bulldozer, too! Particularly in the computer room and the bedroom where all the books are piled up. (hmmm. Maybe what I need instead is a librarian and some more shelves.)

At least I got my sons to take care of their clean laundry yesterday--I can now see out the bathroom window. :)

Tempest Knight said...

After you're finished with the bulldozer, lend it to me, ok? Hahaha! Happy T13!

Denise Patrick said...

Cute. My husband always threatened to take a shovel and big plastic garbage bag into my kids' rooms. I think a bulldozer would have solved the problem faster.

HapPy TT!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for the bulldozer! We actually got one once - and that was very very fun!

Happy TT

Hootin' Anni said...

LOL....cute list. I especially like how it 'sounds in my head' when I read #12....Squish....great word.

Robbie Iobst said...

You funny! :0)

Anonymous said...

So, you're off to the John Deere dealership with your credit card in your hand??

Delia said...

Lol, I love your step-father quote!

I'd never considered a bulldozer for so many uses. Hmm... maybe I should look into getting one.

Natalie said...

too funny. can i borrow it!!! i'm in mops too!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

I hear you! The first six could be mine! Well, almost all of the last seven could be, too!

Jan Parrish said...

Danica, what fun we had at lunch yesterday. Stop by my blog and read my exciting news!