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Sunday, August 10, 2008

The big weekend

As is our family tradition every August, we head up to Leadville, CO to crew for my BIL as he races the Leadville Trail 100. It is a 100 mile mountain bike race through some pretty scary terrain. Let's be clear: this race is not for wimps. You have twelve hours to do the ride. Ricky's done this every year since they started, so this was his 1500 mile finish. He did great!

It was his second best time of 8 hours and 24 minutes. He kept telling us, "hurry to the next aid station! I'll be there fast!" And he was. We were so proud of how well he did, and he looked great.

The big news was that Lance Armstrong was there. It was sort of a surreal thing, because so many folks there had Lance fever. I caught him racing past a couple of times, and only managed to catch the back of his shirt. Yes, I admit, had to snap a few shots. After all, how many times am I going to get to see Lance Armstrong race?

I always have mixed feelings about going up there. It is a lot of fun. It's great family time. And I think it's the one thing we can all do together and work as a team, so it means a lot. But let's be very clear here: I am not a morning person. This business of having to be at the start of the race at 6:30 a.m. is a problem for me. Fortunately, the family is used to this after ten years, so they let me sit in the car and be grumpy until I can function. That Man is very good about making sure no one speaks to me until I am ready to be spoken to. But seriously, if we could just skip that part of family togetherness, I would be so happy.

And then, there was the lack of promised Internet access. Our hotel boasted free wireless access. Which, in theory, is true. In practical application, they use the same router we do at home, and so, our room was too far away to pick up a signal. Downtown Leadville also boasts free wireless access. In theory, perhaps. In practicality, I never did find a place where I could get a signal. It makes me almost wish I had a crackberry. Almost. I can go without Internet and be happy. I just need to know ahead of time.

Also, for the record, other than trying to get a wireless signal and the conference call I needed the notes for (yes, it is possible to work driving through the mountains), I did not open my laptop at all. So there.

I did, however, read two books. One was while we were waiting on the back side of Turquoise Lake for Ricky to come through. Kiddos were sleeping in the car, it was raining, I thought, why not? Good book. Susan May Warren's Get Cozy, Josey. We'll not talk about the fact that it's the last in the series. Really, Susie? Can ya change your mind on that one? And then, I read another book last night. I actually don't remember that one. Hmmm... doesn't bode well for that book, eh? It was a confusing book, so it's probably okay I don't remember.

So back to this sleep thing... the other thing I don't understand is how people can go to bed early unless they're sick. I TRIED. Last night, after being up since five freaking thirty, you'd think I could go to bed at eight. Nope. I read a book. Still tossed and turned FOREVER. Did the same thing Friday night, although I wasn't as tired, since I got up at a respectable 8:30 a.m. Then again, I never could go to bed early. Even as a kid, I'd stay up really late reading because I couldn't sleep.

Anyway, that was my big weekend. Full of excitement, lack of sleep, and did I mention we had our little terrorists with us? Nah, they weren't that bad. They had their moments, but for the most part, they were pretty good. Nothing got blown up, no one got hurt, and as far as I can tell, we didn't send anyone screaming for mercy. Good times, I tell you, good times.


Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

LOL...have just spent four days in Adelaide, the Capital of South Australia. I can relate to the internet deprivation. I purchased internet time and found that it leaked. Which means I ran out way before I should have - Grrr! As for the early mornings, not me either. Late night gal, this one. :)

Anonymous said...

It sounds fun despite the early mornings.

And I hear you on the going to bed early thing. Early for me would be midnight or one! *g*

LOL! My captcha thingy was "beeer".

Robbie Iobst said...

What a great time overall! These are the kind of things your girls are gonna remember later in life and talk about laughing. "Remember the Leadville races? Remember Mom in the morning?"
Way to give your kids good memories, Danica!

Danica Favorite said...

See! I'm not crazy for being a night owl!

And LOL Robbie... I think the stories will be more like, "Mom was such a nut case!"