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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #57: Work at home mom edition

Thirteen Things about being a work at home mom

As many of you know, I have a few jobs I do from home. And, as it seems, continually counting. I was going to rant about this the other day when yet another person suggested that I have absolutely nothing better to do with my time. And then I thought it'd make a perfect Thursday Thirteen.

1. As mentioned above, people assume I have nothing better to do with my time than work on what they need me to do: NOW. Only problem is that just like in their jobs, I have deadlines, too. So when I take a couple hours to do what you need me to do, that means I stay up a couple hours later at night to finish my work.
2. People who work in an office can't do laundry while working. This might be a no-brainer, except for a work at home mom, she not only can do laundry while working, but she has to balance actually getting work done with the expectation that she should do laundry while working. (Huh. When was that on the job interview questionnaire?)
3. People who work in offices don't have to listen to, "Mom! I'm bored," all day while working.
4. The best business related phone call I had was when my boss called and my daughter informed her that I was in the bathroom, and exactly what I was doing in the bathroom.
5. Without OSHA breathing down my neck, breaks happen when they happen. Roughly translated, this means never.
6. It is amazing how many distractions there are: laundry, dishes, fixing dinner, screaming kids, the dog, etc. Try taking your household to work for a day and see how well it lasts.
7. Lest I sound too much like I'm complaining, my work day starts when I want it to. Generally, this means rolling out of bed when I wake up and firing up my computer while still in my jammies. Unless, of course, I have a meeting and have to be up at a certain time.
8. Conference calls aren't nearly as boring at 75 mph on the freeway.
9. So long as I meet my deadlines and produce quality work, no one's breathing down my neck on a daily basis.
10. It's hard to get out of "work mode" when work is always around me.
11. For a change of pace, I get to head to "my other office" and take the laptop with me to have tea at Panera.
12. Because my jobs are a lot of fun, sometimes people question whether or not I really am working.
13. And of course, there's that dreaded question... "What DID you do all day?" Next person to ask me that one gets it. Don't make me show you what "it" is.

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Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Doesn't anybody understand how much a woman does, I can imagine how easy it would be to become a workaholic working from home and doubly so with small children. I work at night and choose to, so that I have my days to myself(children at school) and I appreciate that time so much. You are fortunate to love what you day. :)

Jana said...

(((Dream))) Just try not to kill yourself (or anyone else!) while you're working so darn hard. ;-)


Danica Favorite said...

Yep, it's easy to be a workaholic. But I do love it.

Thanks Jana!