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Friday, August 15, 2008

Fouled up Friday

Yesterday, I had every intention of posting a Thursday Thirteen. I had great plans for the topic, which you'll see next week. Hopefully.

However, yesterday, I threw a major temper tantrum. I have been trying to get my family to clean the house ever since I returned from RWA to a monstrous mess. Have they listened? No. So, the night before, on my way out to a meeting, I told them... get it cleaned up or I'm boxing it all away. They didn't listen.

So I spent all day yesterday, taking all the stuff they had on the floor and boxing it up. It took eleven boxes. But I did it. I sat down, thought I'd relax for a while, and then realized I hadn't done any work for my jobs at all. YIKES! So I got busy with that, all the while thinking it would be a great Thursday Thirteen topic, mentally composing as I did everything else.

Then I remembered The Deadline. For some reason, probably a lack of sanity on my part, I agreed to write a textbook for one of the tax classes. Actually, it is a good thing, after all, who can argue with more money? But... the first couple of chapters are due Monday and I have to have them reviewed by one of my peers to double check my interpretation of tax law before I can turn it in. Since it was Thursday night, I figured I'd better get cracking. (In all fairness, it wasn't entirely procrastination. We'd had the meetings for the information on Tuesday and Wednesday, so really Thurs was the earliest I could do it)

So last night, I wrote a few chapters, sent them off, thought about getting ready to blog, and then hubby messed it up. He's had a weird work week and has been working lots of crazy hours. The upshot is that it'll be a lot of moohlah, the downside is that he's going to end up having worked about 70 or so hours this week. Anyway, he had to do a late night thing, so as I was working, he got up to go to work. And I don't know, something about that signaled that it was time for me to go to bed. So I did.

Which brings me to my fouled up Friday. If I'm in our bed, I don't sleep well if he's not in it. I can sleep fine if I'm gone somewhere else. But when he's gone... Ugh. So this morning, I open my sandy little eyes to a dark room and think, "great. I'm up early again. Can't believe I got absolutely no sleep last night." Then I looked at the clock. Um...

Kiddo was supposed to be at school an hour ago!

Fortunately, she's an early bird, self starter, and I can completely count on her to be out the door and on her way to school on time. So she was long gone. I'm a bit worried though, that her hair is not brushed. I hate that!

So here we are, a rainy, dark, cold Friday, and I'm still in my jammies. I need to go out and deposit hubby's paycheck so I can pay some bills. Maybe hit the store. I planned on grilling steaks for dinner tonight and made hubby fix the grill last night so I could do it, but with all this yucky weather, steak sounds gross.

But maybe I'll feel better after a couple cups of tea... anyone want to join me?


EllenToo said...

I will join you for a cup of tea and tell you a story. My Dad threatened us kids with boxing up everything left on the floor or anywhere else other that on the shelves in our rooms or in the toybox if we went to school the next day without cleaning the mess up. We didn't, he did. And he stored the boxes in the attic so we couldn't get to them. I wonder how long it took the people who bought the house after he was transferred and we moved to find our toys and books in the attic??????

Kay Day said...

I had a cuppa this morning, too.
Perfect weather for soup, I say. Maybe chili. And it's WONderful weather!! I LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is how everyone reacted to their stuff being boxed up. *g*

Momstheword said...

Strikes me as a nightmare sort of day! OOOugh!

Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

I have teenagers that my older kids call my 'Minions', so why can't I get
my minions to obey me? Grrr! I do believe the problem is me, I forget that I make rules and so don't enforce them. Sometimes I'm off on another planet, I think...they take such advantage of that. :)

Robbie Iobst said...

Danica, I am reading your blog on Monday morning and it is a sunny day here in Denver now. I hope your life is sunnier today. Hangeth in there! :0) We all have those days!

Danica Favorite said...

Well, the plan is not working yet. They're still making messes. *sigh*