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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #58: Back to School Resolutions

Thirteen Things about Back to School Resolutions

We're two weeks into school and I feel like we're still in summer slacker mode. I have basically a week and a half and then I'm back teaching. I started looking at our schedule and it looks pretty scary. M,W,F, Sat, we have soccer. M, TH, I teach. Tues is church. Last night, my intention of making a nice dinner of salmon, quinoa, and veggies turned into making a run for the border to wolf down dinner to get to curriculum night in time. So, as I sat stressing about everything we have to do, I thought, why not make some back to school resolutions?

1. Just because there is no reasonable expectation that we will eat dinner as a family most nights doesn't mean I can't make dinner and leave it warming on the stove for when the crew trickles in.
2. Having dinner for the family means I need to actually start planning dinner, rather than the mad dash to the store at 5:00.
3. Homework starts next week. So that means setting aside regular time to work on what sounds like will be ongoing projects.
4. Next week, with school starting for the little one, I get my Panera time back. Which means dedicated no-excuse writing time.
5. Okay, I admit it. I feel better when I exercise. So I will get up and exercise in the mornings.
6. Ditto for breakfast. Kiddo's lunch is an hour later this year, so I need to make sure she has breakfast foods she will eat. Plus, I'll admit to feeling better if I eat breakfast too.
7. While we're on the topic of things that make me feel better, I found the Bible study I was working on in the spring and am committed to continue working through it.
8. I'm going to spend more time reading with the littlest one. Not that it's a contest or anything, but I couldn't believe how much my friend is required to read to her preschooler for the program she's in. We're definitely not that disciplined, and she likes reading.
9. Somehow, we'll figure out how to continue our weekly library trips. The kiddos love it.
10. The kiddos get a lot of weird days off this year. I'm going to take advantage of the time off and do good things with them, like go to the zoo.
11. I'm going to make sure we all get our vitamins. As busy as we are, we need them.
12. I'm not going to stress about the little things, like the fact that the little one always leaves the house with unmatched socks.
13. Mostly, though, I'm going to give myself a break. If it doesn't all come together perfectly, that's okay.

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Janet Spaeth said...

Great list, and I'm going to read it through several times to see what I can steal, er, I mean borrow from it.

School for my son started last week, but he was in the hospital (appendicitis) so he got a late start. So we're really here-and-there with anything approaching a schedule. But we've got to get into it.

It's incredibly hard, though, when it's so warm outside, and the sun is shining, and we know that winter is waiting around the corner, with his icy nasty breath. I want to run outside and soak up every last warm ray....

Danica Favorite said...

LOL steal away. Hope he's feeling better.