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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The since I last blogged update

I meant to post last night, but I came home to a sick little one with a fever of 102.6. So I sat up with her, holding her and loving on her. She's still really sick today. Doing the "do I call the doctor" debate, and right now I'm just watching her. My kiddos have this miraculous ability to become well the instant they walk in the doctor's office. She's sleeping now, so we'll see how she is when she wakes up.

Right. I was going to post pics from our pumpkin patch trip, but we used my FIL's camera because ours was missing, and I don't know how to do the downloady thing on it, so I have to wait for hubby.

Interesting thing about the missing camera... it's been missing for a while. The last time I saw it, I had it on the couch because I was downloading pics. Then it disappeared. I've asked the kids over and over if they've seen it. We moved all the furniture and looked everywhere. Nothing. I finally sent a prayer request to a prayer loop, feeling slightly silly, but the reality is, they pray lost stuff found. Don't know how, but it works. Within an hour, I was talking to hubby about the camera, and the little one pipes up, "I know where it is!" Sure enough, she brought it to us. Couldn't do it the past 100 times we asked, but that one worked.

I have a couple of memes to do, one someone tagged me on a while ago, but I can't remember where it is. (So if it was you, remind me, because it seemed interesting.)Siteseer has a good one, but I'm being to lazy to post it right now, because it's kind of long. Still, go check it out.

Last, we've been fighting the battle of the fruit flies. For some reason, we've been invaded. I have searched the web, done EVERYTHING I could to get rid of them, made all sorts of traps, and nothing has worked. So this morning, as I'm dealing with my poor sick baby, I see flies swarming my trap, but not dead. Which they've been doing for days now. So I hunted in the garage to find some sort of insecticide. I came up with wasp and hornet killer. I sprayed the flies on the traps, and every other fruit fly I could find. As of this post, it appears they are all dead. Dead, I tell you, dead.

So that, my friends, is what I've been up to since my last post.


Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Your tale of the missing camera reminds me of times at my home, when no one saw anything, knew anything, said anything. But turned out that one of them usually knew enough to find the lost item...so typically kids of all ages. Sorry your little one is unwell, hope by the time you read this, she and you are feeling much better. :)

kalea_kane said...

So glad you found your camera! If you ever have fruit fly issues again try this trick. I used to live in Rhode Island (not that has anything to do with this) in a really small apartment. I went away to New Hampshire over the weekend, and I had totally forgotten about some fruit I left out. I came home to many little buggers! I did all I could think of and finally found this remedy which actually worked without using anything damagine. I was told to put a some water in a bowl (cereal bowl size) and add some dish washing liquid and a little apple cider vinegar. I do not know why, but this worked. They were attracted to vinegar and got stuck in the water. I have seen variations of this involving plastic wrap over the bowl with holes poked in it. Give it a shot if there is a next time. :) Hopefully there wont be. :)


Danica Favorite said...

Little one is feeling much better now. She either runs at zero or warp speed. We're back on warp speed, so I'm exhausted.