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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

For the Record

I. Am. Exhausted.

It's Tuesday night, and I already have 27 hours in for the tax job this week. And that's JUST the tax job. I'm still writing, still doing my online job, and still trying to do the mom thing.

I'm also really overwhelmed. I know, smart move to be blogging instead of actually doing something about the things overwhelming me. But I'm really at the point of having so much to do that I don't even know where to take the first bite of the elephant called my life.

Today, I went to lunch after WFTJ, which I usually do, but of course, I felt guilty because of all the things I have to do. And then, I said, "too bad!" I need to do nice things for me once and a while, particularly when I'm working more hours than sane people should. Then again, I don't claim to be sane. So there ya go.

So what do you do? When you have so many things to do that you don't know where to even start, you're exhausted, and you have absolutely no room in your schedule?

One thing is for sure... I am going on strike in the cooking department. I tried to be organized. Planned menus for the week so everyone would have dinner. Left a very short to-do list for the fam to help me out. Asked for them to clean out the crock pot. They chose not to. I've decided not to cook until it's done. Is that mean of me?

And that, my friends, is what's going on in my life. Anything exciting in yours?


Missy Tippens said...

LOL, Danica!! I'm sitting here cracking up over the crock pot!! :)

I don't blame you! Maybe I'll put up a cooking strike just to be in solidarity with you. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Danica,

Glad you chose the WFTJ meeting and lunch or I wouldn't have met you.

Right there with you on the overwhelmed thing. Four words as suggestions that are working for me:
Big quantities. Paper plates.
I put the leftovers in our lunches. Costco paper plates rule.

Have you tried Omega 3's or other oils taken orally for the eczema? Email me if you can come up for air.
Write on,

Lynn said...

That seems to be the permanent status of my life. I need more hours in the day, more days in the week, and more hands.

Crockpot thing=mean? I don't think so. In my house, MiniMe is in charge of doing the dishes. If I need something that hasn't been washed, guess who's called down to wash it immediately? I gotta have some standards. :)

Hope things ease up soon!

Megan said...

As a grad student, mother, wife, commuter, part-time editor and wannabe writer, I can relate. This week is particularly bad for me as well, since my husband is in the middle of a two-week research project on the other side of the country, leaving me with our 15-month old and a sinus infection from hades.

So my strategy has been: "DO, don't think." I see one thing that I can do and I just start doing it until it's done or until I see something else that's more important. Chaotic and inefficient, yes. But these are desperate times!

Love the crock pot story, by the way. Personally I'm just giving up food until my husband gets back. My daughter can live on bananas and milk. :-)