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Sunday, April 19, 2009

How Twitter meets real needs in real time for real people

I had a small issue this evening.

Well, okay, not so small.

I was DYING for chocolate cake.

To some, that's not such a big deal. But for whatever reason, I NEEDED it. All I could think about was chocolate cake. So much so that I didn't want to read because I was afraid that someone in the book would talk about chocolate cake and that would be the end of that.

So I tweeted my frustration at not having chocolate cake.

Then my friend, Camy Tang, tweeted back with this.

All I have to say is, God Bless You, Camy Tang!

I didn't quite have all the ingredients, for example, I substituted hot cocoa mix with marshmallows for the cocoa and cherry cordial Hershey's kisses for the chocolate chips. But... oh... it filled the need.

I also agree with her assessment that it's more like bread pudding in texture than cake, but that actually was a good thing, because I almost made bread pudding for dessert tonight, but then got too lazy.

Seriously though... this is definitely a great quick fix for anyone needing that immediate chocolate cake gratification.

Twitter, my friends, is an amazing place. You can find me there at http://twitter.com/danicafavorite. And if you ever need a quick chocolate fix, Camy or I can fix you up.


Camy Tang said...

I am always here, day or night, to help a friend in need of chocolate cake.

Jan Parrish said...

That is a seriously dangerous recipe. I recommend that you destroy it!

I made red velvet cake for Bethany's bday and the first cake turned out of the pan wrong when I made it. It was not suitable for a birthday cake but would have worked for a chocolate emergency. Too late, however, it's in the trash in the garage.

Camy is like an ER nurse for chocoholics. LOL.

Jenny B. Jones said...

I am weakening on my resolve to avoid Twitter. And this story didn't do anything to help in the fight against temptation--of Twitter OR cake.

Love your cute website/blog design, btw. Very chic and fun like you!

Danica Favorite said...

So Camy is my forever BFF for the whole cake thing.

Jan... I dunno about you... throwing a perfectly edible cake in the trash.

And Jenny, my new BFF. Join Twitter. Eat cake. Be happy.