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Friday, April 24, 2009

And quitting my job was supposed to give me more time, when?

Yep. I'm still feeling the eight ball on the backs of my ankles. I suppose it's proof of how behind I've let myself get. Plus, I spent a good part the week with an intestinal bug, praying for death. See, sometimes it's a good thing when our prayers aren't answered. :)

Today, however, I did make progress. My inbox, for the first time um, since, um, 6/14/2004, is empty. I know! I know! I'm so ashamed, really, but the truth is, it's just easier, letting it hang there rather than deal with it, so today, I dealt with it. Made myself a "just in case file" so I don't have a total meltdown, but baby, I deleted a lot of emails today! Thank you, Michael Hyatt.

I also attended a parent teacher conference for my preschooler and found out that she's a perfectly normal child about ready to enter Kindergarten. They see no problems with her adjusting to the rigors of going to school all day. They did not visit the Science Fair, where her big sister's display of "how a dog's digestive system works" failed to wow her, but I caught her sneaking peeks at chemicals and semi-explosives. Perfectly normal? She's going to be the first terrorist operating dressed as Cinderella. You should see her swinging from the monkey bars like a pro in her ball gown. No, I am not kidding. Our new wardrobe fight is that she has to wear shorts under her dresses so she doesn't flash people.

Although... that gave me a great story idea. You know, what if Cinderella was really a secret agent? What if, in between balls, she was out kicking bad guys' butts and taking names? What if the prince was really just a mindless puppet she used as a cover?

Ohhh... thank you God. My creativity is back. Yes, it's still a little on the "you really mental help" side, but oh!!! Yes!!!

Right. But first, I actually do have more work to do. The good news is, I'm truly feeling like I've gotten a lot of the backlog slogged through. Did I mention my inbox is at zero? And all my messages in all my folders are read? Wahoo!! (Although if I owe you an email, um... send it again. I got a little delete happy and could very well have um...)


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Speaking of emails - some great quotes from the EntConnect conference I was blogging about -

Email is where knowledge goes to die.

Email is like popping popcorn without a lid.