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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The behinder I get...

I don't care if it's not a word. That's how I feel. So I'm sticking to it!

Last week, I went to the Colorado Christian Writers Conference. Great times. Got to hang with some great folks, including my agent. Also found out my manuscript is a finalist in the Genesis contest.

I had no time to relax until we were launched into graduation week. We had a high-schooler and a pre-schooler graduate, plus a bday party for the little one since I was gone the weekend of her "real" birthday, plus bday parties for friends, PLUS my parents were in town. Can we say crazy-busy?

Oh, and I forgot... hubby got me a new laptop for Mother's Day, which is fabulous, but it's been insane trying to move files over and figure out what goes where. I think I've misplaced more than a few things.

The downside of all this activity is that I'm waaaay behind on life. And work. And everything else. The truth is, I have so many items on my to-do list that I don't even remember what's on the list. Or where it is. Okay, let's face it, I never bothered to write it down because I was so sure I'd remember.

One thing I realized as I stared into space, hoping that the list would magically come to me, is that I need a better system. I'm trying to keep my tasks for eHarlequin, the Steeple Hill social media properties, my writing, Examiner articles, blogging, book tours, curriculum writing, and gee, somewhere in there, I'm supposed to keep up on my house, my kids, and find time to have a life.

Are you dizzy? I am. And yet, I know I'm not nearly as busy as a lot of folks I know. So today, the point of my blog, which really isn't to whine about my life, is to find some good ideas to get myself sorted out and organized. Anyone have some good tips?


Shirlee McCoy said...

Wish I did. I lack an organization gene. What I've learned through years of attempting to find balance in life is that there is no balance. Instead, I prioritize. Laundry isn't as important as clean dishes which aren't as important as taking a walk with my kids. Spending time with my family comes before writing. Writing comes before housework. Homeschool comes before writing and housework.

Also, I've learned to focus on the task at hand and not look at the fifteen other tasks waiting to be done. Otherwise, I become frozen by the certaintity that one person cannot possibly accomplish what I must! When that happens NOTHING gets done.

Enjoy your new laptop! That's what I got for mother's day, too!

Michelle D. Rodgers said...

I'd help if I could, but I always feel behind too.

Denise Miller Holmes said...

I went to Amazon and looked up a book for you:

The 25 Best Time Management Tools: How to Get More Done Without Driving Yourself Crazy.

That is the top one in an Amazon "time management" search.

Unfortunately, it means putting some time in to figure out a system, but, once you do figure one out, it will be worth it.

I feel for you Danica!


Jan Parrish said...

Praying that God will restore peace to you as He shows you the priorities.

Diane Marie Shaw said...

What a, packed with activity and people, couple of weeks. No wonder you are behind.
Sorry I don't have any tips, but I will be checking to see if anyone posts something here that will help me too.

Jenny B. Jones said...

God's really working on the balance thing with me too. Unfortunately...God has not provided me with the answer key yet. But when he does...I'll be sure and pass it along. Hopefully I won't have to wait another 30+ years... ; )

Candee Fick said...

Oh, can I relate. Three young kids, one with a disability, baseball, part-time job. Toss in a chronic illness liable to flare up under stress and I've learned the hard way how to prioritize.

First, God - a little prayer for sanity, wisdom and extra time never hurts either. Fill up the tank before you pour it out.

Second, Family - hugs, listening ears, nutrition, clean underwear and a semi-sanitary bathroom (I have young boys, need I say more?)

Third, the urgent - what's due first? Knock something off the list.

Then, baby steps/little bites out of the rest. Make a list just so you can cross stuff off and at the end of the day look back at all you DID get done.

Last, go to bed and get some rest. You'll need it for tomorrow when you get to tackle more of the ever-growing list.