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Monday, May 04, 2009

Signs I am losing it

Today's been an odd day... lots of weirdness, and, as you will see from my post, I think I may finally be losing it.

I'm taking a quick break from work right now, mostly because I know I have about ten more things I need to do and can't remember what they are. So I thought, genius that I am, that I'd check my email.

One message in particular caught my eye: A proper pushup. And I think, "YES!! I was just griping this morning about how I need a new bra." Now, I do not open spam. I would never open a message about undergarments because we all know that they are either viruses or from shady websites. However, I didn't even think about those things. I opened the email.

Fortunately, God loves me and knows that my brain is mush, so He saved me from getting a horrible virus. The email was from an exercise newsletter I signed up for, and it was about teaching me how to DO pushups. Yeah, you know the things I never did, which is why I need to WEAR a pushup.

I started laughing at myself, because I knew I was losing it, so I decided to blog about it. Started typing in my blog url, and um, well, I typed... "Signs I am losing it." FYI, it does not get you to my blog.

So make me feel better... what you have you done lately that made you think you were losing it? (And don't say nothing, otherwise, I may just have to kill you in my next book. :) )


Gina Conroy said...

Sheesh, too many to count. I mixed up my words as I was cooking dinner tonight. can't even remember what I said and I took 2 almost naps today. This darn rain ain't helping any!

naz said...

I frequently try to unlock my front door with my car remote. Does that make you feel better?

smithsk said...

I've been forgetting things. Like turning the oven on, but forgetting to put in the pot pies when the oven is ready. Too much going on. I need a secretary and a wife. Susan

Denise Miller Holmes said...

I forget what I'm about to say. I open the refrigerator and forget what I was going to eat. I walk into rooms and don't know why I went there. And I throw something away that should go in the cupboard, and put something in the cupboard that I should have thrown away. I'm certifiable, nuts.

Jana said...

I generally tend to block memory of all silly things I do. It's a defense mechanism that keeps me from committing myself to the funny farm. ;-)

Danica Favorite said...

Gina, it's the almost naps that did you in. If you'd actually gotten a nap, you'd be much better.

Naz, I do feel better. I um, tried the same thing. :)

Susan, I need a secretary and a wife too.

Denise, you can be in my loony club.

Jana, denial only works for me sometimes. :)

EllenToo said...

I'm another one who walks into a room for something and forget what it was I wanted. I've also been know to go to the grocery store for one specific item and buy a bunch of things and forget the one I went for.

Shirlee McCoy said...


Kill me. Go ahead. I dare you.

And make me die from something really stupid. Like...maybe I could get my head stuck in a folding bed, get trapped there and die of starvation. OR...I could do something particularly stupid like all the doomed-to-die people in horror flicks do. I could hear a noise outside at midnight and go to investigate thus meeting a horrifying and unmentionable fate.

Danica Favorite said...

Ellen, that is exactly what my trips to the grocery store look like!

Shirlee... just wait. I'll find something creative. ;)