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Thursday, May 07, 2009

First signs of life

I'm a firm believer that spring has not sprung until there's flowers blooming at my house. I need to see those signs of life to believe it's really here.

Yesterday, hubby told me we had a rose in our garden. I got all excited, only to find that it was just a plastic rose my daughter had put there. However, after looking around, I found a few signs that spring is finally here:

According to my daughter, dandelions are the best flowers. I think it's because they're the only ones she's allowed to pick without permission. I've been getting dandelion bouquets when I pick her up from school for a few weeks now.

Number two to bloom- this lovely tree in my backyard. It's an interesting tree. I actually have no idea what kind of tree it is, but it's lovely. It blooms, and then it's just a tree. No fruit or anything that seems to come of the flowers. But as the bloom fades, my lawn will be carpeted with white petals.

Funny story about this one. Lilacs drive my allergies nuts. When we bought the house, it had no flowers, so I wasn't sure what the funny looking bush was. Last year, it looked like it was going to get flowers, but never bloomed. Imagine my surprise last night, when I was wandering the yard and I smelled... lilac! I turned, and sure enough, we've got flowers. Beautiful.

Then there's the apple tree. It's been a dry winter and I'm not a winter tree waterer. Probably should, but I don't. So I've been a little concerned that there haven't been many signs of life from our apple tree. And yes, it's a real apple tree. The kids eat the apples that the bugs don't get. Someday I'll learn how to take care of it and keep the bugs away so we can eat more, but for now, I'll just enjoy what we have.

Finally, because I like flowers all through the summer, we visited the garden center last weekend so I could make up some flower pots. However, my trip was a bit premature, as I found out that you shouldn't plant your garden here until after May 15th because we still get snow. Darn. So I have pots of veggies and flowers sitting on my back porch waiting to be planted. But with the gorgeous weather lately, I couldn't resist getting started with a few of my flower pots.

I'm hoping to get more done this weekend. My daughter's school has a plant sale tomorrow, and the Denver Botanic Gardens has one the next couple of days as well. Hubby finished clearing a flower bed for me last night, and we laid out plans for a few more.

Are you seeing signs of spring where you live?


Denise Miller Holmes said...

I adore flowers, especially ones with scent. I am too lazy, though, to keep a garden. I am happy for you you have the energy to plant this spring. You're post was uplifting.

dianne in colorado said...

I am a flower lover as well. Use extreme caution, however, with what you plant this early. Pots are great since you can pull them in at night. Veggies really need to wait until mid-june (yes, it is a painfully short season). I have had to replant my vegetable garden twice in years past because we got frost the second week of June. Some flowers are hardy enough to handle it, especially pansy plants. Have fun!

Jan Parrish said...

Spring, spring, hallelujah!

Happy Mothers day too!

Janet Spaeth said...

Puttering with a garden is great for letting your mind wander over plots and characters--and you'll look elegant and thoughtful and meditative, and no one needs to know that you're plotting someone's demise.

Romantic suspense, was it? Congrats!