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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Letting go

We move in less than a week. We are not packed. I've got to be out of the house most of the day tomorrow for inspection. I've had company the past two days who've had me running all over town. And I'm not allowed to lift more than ten pounds.

So could someone tell me why I'm watching a movie instead of working?

I promised the kiddos a movie, so when I got theirs, I saw one I wanted to watch, and got them both. I probably should have at least worked while the kiddos watched theirs, but really, who can resist Barbie in Fairytopia? Okay, so it's not a great literary achievement. However, when those two sets of big eyes look at me and say, "Mommy, please sit with us," Barbie in Fairytopia becomes the best use of my time.

I can't believe this will no longer be my house in less than a week. Worse, I'm going to be homeless. Okay, so maybe I'll only be homeless for a week. But a lot can happen in a week.

How fitting that I'm watching a depressing movie about letting go. I'm hoping it has a happy ending. It started out depressing, but since it's about her letting go, she'll let go and be happy, right?

It's odd, because I really hate this house. And while the new house is very much what I've always wanted, I still have this anxiety that I'm making a huge mistake.

I am really not ready for this.

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