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Monday, August 27, 2007

Perfect timing

It's funny, we've been in the house for over a week now, and I still keep pinching myself because I can't believe it's really mine. I feel such a peace in my new house that I honestly never felt before. I admit, the mess and boxes everywhere had been stressing me out. And, I was even more stressed to come home to an even bigger mess than I'd left. I had to remind myself that hubby can either keep the house clean or the kids alive and I would really miss my kids.

But today, I gained a different perspective on the mess. I just didn't care. I mean, I want my house clean, but I realized that *I* am more important than a clean house. So I cleaned a little. And I rested a little. And I worked a little. And I sat outside on the back patio with my little girl and listened to her singing songs. Not the usual "hurry up and finish so I can work some more," but deciding that the most important thing I could do in that moment was let my baby give me a concert. I also helped That Man put together my bistro set for the front porch, so I could sit in the chair, watch my kiddos play with the the neighborhood kiddos and *gasp* interact with the neighborhood. I've always wanted a front porch.

So my kitchen is half clean. My four bathrooms are all clean. I drank my requisite water. I went shopping and bought most of what I needed. I'm caught up on work (I think). And even though I don't feel 100% myself, I'm pretty content right now. I listen to the rain, thanking God for the unusually rainy summer, because our new house doesn't have a sprinkler system like the old one, and I forgot to buy a sprinkler for the hose. Although I think our hose is still packed somewhere, so I'm not sure it matters. I've met some of our neighbors, who are all really nice people. My kids are making friends in the neighborhood. My daughter loves her new school.

A friend of mine just posted a blog about how they were able to get their house sold and a new one bought in God's perfect timing. Funny, ours went the same way. And interestingly enough, the people we sold to had perfect timing in buying, and the people we bought from also experienced a God moment in selling this and buying their new dream home. Then today, I got an email from a friend who also did a God move- to another state. I remember before she left, we talked about some of the things she needed, and how God needed to make a few of those happen. In her email, she talked about how basically, it all happened, just like God said it would. Just like we prayed it would.

I was pretty mad that I got sick last week. I had a lot to do. I'm really behind now. But as I sit here in my perfect house, listening to the perfectly timed rainstorm, with my two little girls sleeping happily upstairs in the dream bedrooms, none of it really matters. It'll all keep.


Heather said...

Yay for new houses!

Jan Parrish said...

May God grant you years of peace and happiness in your new home.

Heather Diane Tipton said...

gotta love God's perfect timing.

I'm so happy that you're happy in your new house. I prayed you would be.