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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 15: Things I love about my new house

Thirteen Things I love about my new house

1. FOUR bathrooms. Yes, I know, my kids will still fight over the bathroom, but it's still a nice thought.
2. The backyard is HUGE.
3. I finally have a front porch. I'm envisioning having a nice chair to sit in and drink tea as I watch my kiddos play with the neighbor kids.
4. I can walk to Dairy Queen.
5. One of my neighbors is one of my dearest friends.
6. My kiddos can walk to school.
7. I can walk to Starbucks.
8. The kiddos will have their own rooms. And yes, I know, they're still going to terrorize each other. Just let me dream for a minute.
9. I just might get my own office (doubling as a guest room).
10. I'm going to have a formal living room with no TV. Just a nice, quiet place to sit and read or chat with friends. (I know, fantasy land again)
11. I finally have a formal dining room where we can set up That Man's grandmother's dining set.
12. The kids will have a playroom, so theoretically, most of their junk will all be in one place.
13. It's mine, all mine!!! (and the bank's, of course)

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Jan Parrish said...

I like the walking to Starbucks one best. I'll have to meet you.

I also hope you don't curse the four bathrooms - lots to clean.

Delia said...

Being within walking distance of Dairy Queen and Starbucks? Awesome things to love.

Paula said...

I'm so happy for you and your new home, Danica! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Your new house sounds great! And being within walking distance of Dairy Queen? Priceless! :)

Pammer said...

Oh wow! Can I move in with you? Starbucks, Dairy Queen. I'm envious. I have to drive for some time....even to get to kewl Mexican restaraunts. :)

Oh, by the way...


You've been tagged to do the Middle Name Meme.

You can read mine here if you'd like http://pammer.blogspot.com

Danica Favorite said...

Thanks guys! I'm very excited!