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Monday, October 15, 2012

Breaking up with Breaking Amish

Here's today's semi-ridiculous confession: I've been watching Breaking Amish on TLC. People who know me well will probably be shocked because a.) I hate reality TV, and b.) I'm not a big fan of Amish books.  But see, that's kind of why I wanted to watch it. I don't "get" the fascination with the Amish. I mean yes, I'll be the first person to sign up for a life without TV and rely on my beloved books. But I'm a big fan of indoor plumbing, electricity, and driving my car. And I'm sorry, but I don't think the Amish have the chokehold on what it means to be a good Christian. So I thought watching this show would be interesting. Maybe, as I watched Amish people learn about our ways, I could learn about them.

Um, NO.

If the Kardashians were Amish, I imagine this is what the show would look like. Ridiculous fights, cussing, being all-out mean, and frankly, these people act nothing like what I'd imagine the Amish to be like. And that was in the first episode. But then I thought, well, maybe I just didn't know as much as I thought I knew about the Amish.

So I endured a few more episodes, thankful for my DVR (one more reason I could not be Amish) and I fast-forwarded through most it. But then I caught something in one of the episodes about Jeremiah saying he was divorced. HUH?? Amish don't get divorced. Do they? So I decided to Google "Amish Divorce" and one of the first results I got was this gem: a blog devoted to showing everything on the show that is a fake. Color me embarrassed.

I'm not one to follow a lot of the gossip in the media, and so my instinct was to take it with a grain of salt- except that there's a lot of overwhelming evidence pointing to the lies, AND, every single thing that they get wrong is something that has bothered me from the get-go. I should have known better. I forget that television, even with their so-called reality shows, have absolutely no basis on truth. I should have realized that each segment of each episode features a Bible verse, and then shows how these people violate that verse. I try not to be a legalistic Christian, but it really bothered me that they seemed to be taking a piece of the Bible and then pissing on it. If that's not what you believe, then fine. But why make a mockery of something that their families would hold dear?

Frankly, the more I think about this show, the more I am appalled at how these people would completely disrespect a people group and tear apart their beliefs to people who don't all know better. Is there truth in the show? Maybe. But it would be like saying that watching The Simpsons is an accurate reflection of the typical American household.

TLC, I'm ashamed of you. I'm ashamed of these ex-Amish who would sell their souls to be on television. And, I'm ashamed of myself for watching it. Amish people, I know you will probably never read my blog, but I want you to know that I am sorry. For those of you who don't know anything about the Amish, or even if you do, I hope you'll consider not watching this show.

Have you watched a show that you later feel betrayed by because it is such a misrepresentation of truth?

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