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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pinterest Party!

I've been mulling this idea for a while, but as I've been looking at my calendar, I realized that I have almost no time to get it going unless I do it now!

Since I'm trying to find the incentive to actually DO some of the great projects I keep finding on Pinterest, I've decided it's not enough to simply post once a week about them... I'm taking it to the next level! I'm having a Pinterest Party at my house.

Some of you live too far away, but I'm hoping to take lots of pictures to spark your creativity. And, I'll be having a contest for you to pin your favorite ideas. If you are local and we know each other personally, let me know and I'll send you an invite!


Here are the deets!

1. Bring your favorite Pinterest food to share.

2. Bring a Pinterest craft that you made to exchange for someone else's Pinterest craft.

3. Bring copies of the recipe and craft directions for those who want to try it themselves.

4. Come and have fun!



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