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Monday, April 01, 2013


New Babies

We got the good news on Wednesday. The Chicken Law passed!!! We've been working for almost a year now on getting chickens for our backyard, but until Wednesday, it wasn't legal.

So of course, we took the first available opportunity to get CHICKENS!!

I have to admit that I'm still mostly a city girl at heart, and I'm still squeamish about things, especially when it comes to cleaning their vents (in lay terms, this means unclogging their poop holes). I know, GROSS!

But the more I research the value of urban homesteading, keeping chickens, and all that stuff, the more I'm convinced it's an important activity for our family. We're going to have fresh eggs without all the yucky additives, and some really cute pets.

It's an adventure! Or at least that's how I'm goDevice(Chicken cam)ing to choose to look at it, since this adventure involves an awful lot of poop.

(Have I mentioned how much I hate poop?)

But even this poop-hater has to admit that these little babies are awful cute. Our flock includes: Gwendolyn, a Salmon Faverolle; Lacy, a Gold Laced Wyandotte; Nyssa, a Black Australorp; and Matilda, a Speckled Sussex.

Hubby even installed a chicken cam in their pen so we can watch them and not disturb them. He calls it our Peep Show.  We are having a ridiculously fun time sitting around watching our little chicks. It's better than cable! Gwendolyn (my little cutie) is a real pistol and she's so fun to watch!

Do you have chickens? What's been the best part of raising chickens for you? Any advice for newbies like us just starting out?



sandy said...

How do your neighbors feel about this? Long ago my DD did a large research on chicken farms and how bad they were for the environment with the orders, and water spill off. I'm curious how living in a city they would allow you to do this? My neighborhood is over run with dogs, can't imagine chickens too. Good luck with your project

DanicaFavorite said...

Actually, some of my neighbors already have chickens. They did it without the county's blessing. I think the difference between backyard chickens and large-scale chicken farms is that the flocks are smaller and more controlled. The waste can easily be recycled and/or composted. In terms of odor, my understanding is that as long as you stay on top of your chickens, it's not noticeable. I haven't noticed my neighbor's chickens. I have noticed the fact that my other neighbors never clean up after their dogs. I smell a lot of dog poop- no chicken poop.

Thanks for stopping by!

akellyanderson said...

So sweet! I love the idea of urban homesteading, but it would be impossible in our neighborhood. Glad you found a way. And Peep Show is priceless.

sandy said...

Thanks for the follow up Danica, sounds like you're going about this in the right way. Love to have your kids color a Flat Stanley, or other character. I'm hoping to have lots of kids involved and be able to share their adventures pictures.

DanicaFavorite said...

Thanks! We are really lucky to have a large lot and no covenants, so we can do a lot. I'm not doing everything, but I feel like the more I do to be sustainable, the better for our family and our environment.

amyctilson said...

So here's a phrase for you - chicken litter. I think it makes really good fertilizer of handles properly. I went to college in Harrisonburg, VA - the poultry capital of the world, I think. The smell can be absolutely horrendous with large houses. There is also a reason the phrase "hen-pecked" exists. Be careful around them when they get bigger, those beaks are sharp. Enjoy your new adventure into urban homesteading. There is even a Backyard Chicken magazine if you're ever looking for reading material. So glad you stopped by my place earlier. :)

Leslie said...

I'm jealous! We have dogs, gerbils, parakeets, ferrets, fish and a cat - but no chickens. I wouldn't say no to some ducks and a little pond either ;) Though part of our housing contract says no livestock, chickens, ducks, etc. I'll just have to live vicariously through you!

DanicaFavorite said...

Amy, I'm told the pine shavings we're using compost nicely, so I'm excited to try it. We're only doing 4 for now, up to a max of 6. And yes, I know the smell of large houses. The kids are already becoming poop cleaning experts. A friend gave us some of the backyard chicken magazines- the articles are great! Thanks for stopping by!

DanicaFavorite said...

Ducks and a pond would be awesome! The new law only allows chickens, and since I don't have a pond, I'll take what I can get. Maybe someday I'll have a pond. That would be awesome. Thanks for stopping by.

Michelle Wallace said...

Hi Danica! I'm popping in via the A to Z Challenge!
You have quite a collection of chickens... some really cool names too!

Barbara White Daille said...

Hey, I found you! ;) Yay on the Chicken Law! It'll be interesting to see how you adapt to being a chicken mommy. The fresh eggs will be a great bonus.

"Adventure" is the perfect word for your post. Good luck with getting through the A to Z.

DanicaFavorite said...

Hi Barbara! Thanks for finding me! We're really looking forward to fresh eggs. :)

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Love the names of your chicks! Good luck with your new adventure, sounds like a smelly but rewarding one. Glad to have stumbled over from the A to Z Challenge!

Randomness and Lunacy

J.L. Campbell said...

Hi, Danica,
Hope you'll have many more hours of pleasure from the cuties, minus the poop, of course. :)

Becky Daye said...

Ah, adventure indeed!!! I will be interested in watching where this journey takes you. I grew up in the country around chicken houses, but I'm definitely more of a suburbs girl! All the best!

blogwatig said...

My daughter went awwwwwwwwww so cute on the post. You have your hands full, literally! No chickens out here. A cat, yes. Gonna keep a tab on this blog for updates on your chirpsters!

DanicaFavorite said...

Thanks Jenn! I'm glad you stopped by!

DanicaFavorite said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! And yes, no poop for me. The kids cleaned it yesterday. :)

DanicaFavorite said...

Becky, I'm a suburb girl too (and I grew up in the country) so we're having suburb chickens. :) Thanks for stopping by!

DanicaFavorite said...

This is definitely fun for the kids! I'm glad your daughter enjoyed it. We'll be doing lots of updates, because we're chicken obsessed.

God and my everyday life said...

Love this! I wish I was brave enough to try it. :) We have friends that have chickens and they love it!

DanicaFavorite said...

I wasn't sure I was brave enough to try it. But I have really great friends who are good at encouraging me to be brave. :)

DanicaFavorite said...

Thanks for stopping by! Sorry it took so long for me to say hi, I just finally went through the spam filter. :(

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