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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I is for Indulgence

[caption id="attachment_4367" align="alignright" width="300"]Tea Time Tea time with my girls. Notice I made some of my scones heart-shaped, just for the princess.[/caption]

One of the lessons I'm learning is the value of indulging oneself. Not to the point of being a silly, spoiled brat, but in saying, "I am worth it." Indulging yourself once and a while means slowing down and taking the time to care for yourself so that you are better equipped to do the things you need to do- including taking care of others. My friend Lucille Zimmerman wrote a great book on self-care, and I learned so much from her in the process of critiquing her book before it was published. I used to be the kind of person who took care of myself last, and found that I was always worn out, run down, and never seemed to have any time for myself.

Let's face it. I'm a busy mom. I have a busy life. I imagine that a lot of the people reading my blog can say the same about their lives. But you know what? Taking time for yourself, indulging yourself in a few things that fill you up make you a better person. Again, I'm not talking about always thinking of yourself or putting yourself first all the time. But every once and a while, give yourself permission to do something good for you because you want it.

Today was an indulgence day for me. The kids were off school for a snow day. But I had a massage appointment booked. Fortunately, the roads weren't bad, and you know what? I need my massages. For a long time, I waited until I was in a lot of pain to finally go in and get it taken care of. Not anymore. I have a standing appointment every other week. Yes, every other week. Is it expensive? I found a good deal that allows me to prepay for 12 sessions, and when I do that, it costs 50% less than if I bought them individually. So yes, it costs quite a bit of money, but I have less pain and am more relaxed because I make a point to do something good for my body.

After my massage, I worked for a little while, but then I remembered I had some yummy scone mix in the pantry I'd been wanting to use, so why not have a tea party with my girls? I made scones, used my good teapot, my good tea, my nice tea cups, and the girls and I had a lovely afternoon visit. It feels good to use my nice things, instead of saving them up for special occasions. I made a special occasion out of an ordinary day, indulging my love of scones, tea, and time with my girls.

This evening, after the girls went to bed, I took a bath with some lovely bubble bath my friend gave me for my birthday and read a book. Another indulgence.

I could have cleaned my house. To be honest, I should have cleaned my house. But the dirt will keep. Instead, I took some time to take care of myself and do something nice for me. I feel really good. I am relaxed and ready for a good night's sleep. And tomorrow, I will tackle everything else I needed to do with gusto- except maybe cleaning the house.


God and my everyday life said...

I LOVE this! It is a great encouragement. I wholeheartedly agree with indulging at times. Quite honestly most of the time I just forget about me. To the point if I even think about something I'd like, my husband instantly says, "Buy it!"
Thanks for the reminder, Danica. And I'm glad you enjoyed the day.

DanicaFavorite said...

Thanks Mary! My hubby is the same way. I used to be really bad about indulging myself and he used to force me to buy stuff for myself. He's always really proud of me when I indulge myself.

amyctilson said...

Who can resist tea with scones?? You had a stellar day and would fit on any person's top ten list. We definitely need to recharge our batteries with those activities that are beyond the necessities from time to time. Good for you. Now, unfortunately, I think I need to do a little housework. ;)

DanicaFavorite said...

Sadly, I still need to do housework. UGH.

Becky Daye said...

"I made a special occasion out of an ordinary day"- can I just say that I LOVE that?!!! Those are the best kind of days. Love this post!!!

DanicaFavorite said...

Thanks Becky! I hope you find some time to do something special for yourself soon!