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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Uh...

magic-wand-mdYeah, that.

I wanted to write something about being unique.  Only I don't feel very unique and I don't feel like I have anything unique to say.

And then I thought about writing about things that are useful, only that felt boring to me. So then I thought writing about useless things would be fun, but then I thought that might come off as being too negative. I'm in a funk, and I suspect that what I think is a little negative will sound really negative to others since my filter is clogged.

I could have written about unicorns. I like unicorns. Except I don't have a picture of one, and really, what's the point in writing about a unicorn if you don't have a picture?

The next thing that came to mind was underwear. Which I KNOW no one wants to see, and that isn't really what I was thinking of anyway. I was thinking of those jokes little kids tell where the punchline is always underwear, and it's hysterically funny to the kids, but makes absolutely no sense to anyone else.

Actually, if we use underwear in the sense of the joke analogy, it makes perfect sense. Because it doesn't. Which is kind of where all of my thoughts are going these days, so I guess, if you don't take the word literally, my U word should be underwear.

Except that with all of this underwear talk, all of the spam bot troll freaks have now targeted my blog. This is why we don't talk about underwear. Which I have, so I guess it's too late now. Besides, I get a ton of spam bot trolls. Do they really think that by saying this is the best blog they've ever read I'm going to click their link?

Uh... yeah. Off topic, I know. It's been that kind of week. I feel like I'm in the middle of a really bad joke that is supposed to be funny, only it's not. But everyone but me is laughing. Actually, they're not. It's another bad analogy, I'm afraid. I guess I just feel really disjointed and out of touch with reality.

Maybe I should go find a unicorn.



A Writer Inspired said...

A unicorn is always the best option! Also I love your comment on spam. It's so true.

DanicaFavorite said...

Unicorns are always good. Thanks for stopping by!

oaklawnlady said...

I think you nailed the description of Uh... Great post! Only 5 to go!!!

Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

DanicaFavorite said...

Kathy, I'm so excited to almost done! It feels good to be this close and not giving up. Thanks for stopping by!

God and my everyday life said...

I had to laugh at your post because I have been brain dead like this many a day. I considered on days, N and O - puting them together and just posting NO. As in NO blog today. So sorry for you. :)

And I've had several trash dumpster sites that have spammed me. Wow, I won't take that personally that my blogs are garbage.

Just write on...

DanicaFavorite said...

ROFL Mary!! I like NO! :)

conniesweb said...

I have to laugh cause when you started to talk about underwear all I can think of is I really need to buy new underwear. Maybe I'll look for some with Unicorns on 'em.
I hope the rest of your week is YEEEEHAAAA and not Uh!
A to Z-ing to the end
Peanut Butter and Whine

DanicaFavorite said...

LOL Connie!! I wonder if they make unicorn underwear for grownups. That would be kind of awesome. I think if my princess daughter knew I had unicorn underwear, she'd be jealous and I've have to find some for her too. :)