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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dear Build a Bear People,

I am officially beginning my campaign to get my daughter's horse

The more I think about it, the angrier I get.  And while I have never embarked on an assault of a company before, I'm starting now.  This would be your opportunity to do the right thing.

I have sent an email to the very polite customer service representative, and if I do not receive a favorable response, I will be sending letters to the following people:
Molly Salky, Director of Investor Relations
Maxine Clark, Chairman and Chief Executive Bear
Barry Erdos, President and Cheif Operating Officer Bear
Tina Klocke, Chief Financial Bear
And anyone else whose name relating to Build-a-Bear I can find.

This is the letter I sent this evening-do comment if you can think of anything other than, "I am so pissed off, I could kill someone right now" to add.  I may need it if I have to travel higher up the food, er, bear, chain.

While I appreciate your offer, I'm not sure how $10 cub cash is going to make a 5 year old who's worked for months to earn her pony is going to make her feel better. How do you tell a little girl who has reserved a place in her bed and her heart for a special animal that she did all the work to earn that she can't bring it home?

What I, as a parent, cannot understand, is that the store employees told me that they had some in the back, but weren't allowed to sell them. If it were a product recall issue, surely BuildaBear would issue some sort of public safety statement. I've searched online for any information, and none was to be found, other than a transcript of an earnings call for BuildaBear on February 16. According to that transcript, the pony was a big seller for the company. Why would a company stop selling what was obviously a successful moneymaker with absolutely no notice to the public?

I know that BuildaBear animals are collectors items, and I would hate to think that your company is capitalizing on the success of the pony purely to increase collector value, and yet, I can't think of any other reason why they would be sitting in the back room of a store and not be allowed to be sold. I think it's sad, that an item designed to bring a child joy is reduced to that level.

All I am asking is for the opportunity to buy one pony. To give my little girl the comfort of knowing that when she sets a goal and she works hard to earn something, that she will have the chance to see the fruits of her labor. We've never bought anything from your stores before-I've always felt they were too high priced to justify giving to my five year old. But when she saw that pony, she wanted it so badly, she dreamt about it, asked for it, and was willing to do whatever it took to earn it. I don't know many five year olds who are willing to spend a couple of months working to earn a new toy-but she was. I want to reward my daughter's hard work.

Please provide whatever assistance you can-if you are unable to further assist me, I would appreciate the contact information for someone who can. I am including my contact information in case you need it to process my order and will be happy to provide you with my credit card information upon contact or I can go to the local store to purchase.


One ANGRY Mama Bear (okay, so I really gave my contact info-but I am one angry mama bear)

And can I just add, that for me, and my sake, if it had been me who'd been affected, I'd have taken the gift card and gone on my way.  But for my child, I just can't.  I have to fight for her.  I have to step out of my comfort zone and fight. 


Bailey Stewart said...

Looks good - you might want to point out that yes, it's true that life is unfair and you don't always get what you want, but it would be a better lesson if she were to actually achieve a goal first. Disappointment on a first effort can lead to her not trying again. At least, that's what I would add IMHO.

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh, and you might ask them what they would do if it were their child.

Rae said...

I agree with Eve.

I think as a Mama bear that you rock. And I told you, I will most certainly help you with your letter campaign.


Tori Lennox said...

It's an awesome letter, Danica. And I like Eve's suggestion of asking how they'd feel if it were their child.

Jana said...

Sounds like an excellent letter to me. You were very strong without being abusive and made some excellent points. I really hope this letter reaches someone with a kind heart and Bay gets her pony.

Danica/Dream said...

Thanks guys!

You know, the other lesson in this that I'm teaching Bay is that her mom will fight for her. :)

Bailey Stewart said...

And every child needs to know that, they need to believe that and trust in it. She'll know it now.