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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Heart Breaking

We've been working with Bay on her goals and just doing things she needs to do, so we set up a goal chart where she got stickers for accomplishing each task. Well, the time has come where she has filled her chart to get the promised reward-the purple princess horse from build a bear.

She has been working for this horse for months now. Today was the big day where we got to go to the build a bear workshop and buy her the horse that she's been plastering pictures all over the walls of for months. She's spent all day jumping up and down, so excited that today was the day.

We got to the store, and they are no longer selling the horse. According to the store manager, they have some in the back, but aren't allowed to sell them. WTF?! I talked to two different people, showed them my crying, broken hearted little girl, but no dice.

I know it's not the store's fault, and I was impressed with how the employee and her manager handled it-they even did take my name and number and all that. They seemed sincere that they would call me with an answer. The horse is not online anymore, but I did email the corporate office.

I'm just so frustrated right now, because we're working so hard at teaching her to set goals and work hard for them. And here she is, having worked hard, and she can't get her prize. Yeah, I know, happens in real life. But she's FIVE. Can we have a little time before she gets slapped with harsh realities?

So keep everything crossed and prayers lifted up that the Build a Bear people will let me buy one of the horses (that they have in the freaking back room) for Bay.


Tori Lennox said...

They have them on hand and aren't allowed to sell them??? That's just STUPID. I hope you hear good news from them!

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh no, how terrible - (it even brought tears to my eyes). Yes, it is part of life, but let her get the good parts first, for crying out loud. Poor Bay. Fingers are crossed (do you know it's hard to type this way?)

Danica/Dream said...

Yes, they literally have them in the back room. They were told to pull them from the shelves. I have not seen anything anywhere on a recall, so who knows. I know they retire some of their bears, but you'd think they'd sell them for as long as they had them. Although there's nothing on a retirement of the horse, either.

No return email from them yet.