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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Germany deserved to lose

Yeah, world cup soccer mania is still in our house. You know, the hubby and all... Sadly, because most Americans don't love soccer the way the rest of the world does, we have to watch the matches on the Spanish channel. It's really surreal, watching games in another language. I think I might be learning some Spanish. :)

So the game... Germany is such an awesome and skilled team. They truly dominated it. However. For as many scoring opportunities as they had, they blew them. They should have pulled Podolski and didn't. The guy missed at least a half a dozen easy goals. Yeah, I know, easy for me to say from my armchair. But frankly, if you're a professional player, there should just be shots that you should not miss. It's like my dad has always said about basketball. For a professional basketball player, there should be no excuse for missing free throws. If I were to ever own a basketball team, I would fine players for missing. Seriously. Going back to the soccer game, these were the sort of easy shots that Podolski just completely blew over the goal. And then... oh, this one was brilliant. One of his teammates had a perfect shot on goal that there was no way the keeper would have been able to get to in time. Podolski accidentally heads it out of the goal.


I hope the Italians send him flowers. They really didn't play all that well, but for the idocy of the Germans, they're headed to the finals. France and Portugal should be a good game, and I look for the winner of that one to slaughter the Italians. Of course, I'm always wrong in my sports predictions so the Italians will probably end up winning it all.


Michelle said...

The one downside to soccer is that you go for an incredibly long period of time without scoring. It reminds me of hockey. Yaaaawwwnnn...

Danica/Dream said...

lol... World cup is exciting, though. Even though no one scores, there's lots of action. Watching the finals is going to be a snoozer, though. Neither of the teams has very hot guys.