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Sunday, July 09, 2006

How Great is Our God

I do love that song. I got to hear it tonight at the worship thing at CBA. Awesome evening. A lot of great performers, some I didn't care for, but mostly, very very enjoyable. And, on the way home, I got to hear the one and only Chris Tomlin sing it on the radio, so I was very happy. I love how everyone in the universe at every single worship thing I've been to lately sings this song, but man, Tomlin does it best. Although I've decided they should make it illegal to play this song on the radio. I got so busy and happy worshipping while driving, I almost crashed. I do that everytime that song comes on, too. Health hazard, I tell you.

Other fun events of my first CBA day. I got to see Camy and met her friend, MaryLu , who is a very sweet woman I got to spend the evening with while Camy hobnobbed. We scoped out the show floor, which does not open until tomorrow. Very exciting stuff. Had NO IDEA how huge this thing is. We also got to see MaryLu's first book on display, which was very exciting.

Are you getting the idea that this is very exciting?

Tomorrow, I get to see the rest of the SH crew. And for those of you who know of what I do for them, do stop by the anniversary party on the boards. I'm hoping to coordinate some of that stuff with seeing folks tomorrow, God and technology willing. I am so beside myself with excitement, because it was so cool to see Camy, even though we did not nearly have enough time, and tomorrow, I get to see even more folks. On the agenda- hugfest with my favorite friends, lunch with Ginny Aiken, signings (and YAY! some of the authors I haven't met yet), and I think my head is going to explode if I continue. :)

Plus, I gotta get to bed. It's gonna be an early morning and long day. :)


Jana said...

Glad to hear that you're having such an awesome time! Hope the rest was just as good or better. :-)

Danica/Dream said...

Thanks Jana! No rest for the weary, I'm afraid, but I AM having a good time.

Heather Diane Tipton said...

so glad you had a good time. I'm SO coming next year. LOL

Danica/Dream said...

Yes, I imagine I'll have to find a way to get there as well...