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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Even though it's not Thursday Thirteen, I feel compelled to make a list

Things I learned today:

1. My daughter is horribly addicted to her computer. Her best friend called to ask her over for a party and my daughter said no because she wanted to play her new game. We are now tightly monitoring her computer time.
2. Why people get divorced over moving/remodeling. Today's endeavor in getting our house ready to sell has highlighted our rather drastic personality differences (like he has absolutely no sense of putting logical order to things). If he survives the process of gettting a new house, I will probably never be mad enough to kill him.
3. That if I let the discouragement over my writing get to me, I will spend the rest of my life kicking myself for being a useless slug.
4. My daughter is turning into a good little soccer player. And she's FAST! (Definitely takes after Daddy there)
5. People miss me when they haven't seen me for several months, even people I don't generally think of as someone who would care.
6. The new cure-all for me is steam infused with cinnamon, thyme, and cloves. It got rid of my horrible chest cold, and since I'm out of allergy medicine (because the little terrorist dumped it all out the other day), I thought I'd try it. It works!
7. My youngest daughter is not as much of a monster when big sister is not around egging her on. When she's not destroying the universe, she's also a very kind and compassionate child who's going to make a really good mom someday. (At least if the way she plays with her babies is any indication)
8. My dog appreciates being prayed for. However, it did not make my husband break out in hysterical laughter as I thought it would.
9. I have at least twenty boxes of books, and three large bookcases to still box up.
10. I learned some really scary things about something I'm not ready to talk about yet, but when I am, well... just be prepared.
11. I watched a rather interesting television show on Jonestown and learned a lot about the events and cult mentality that I'd never seen before.
12. I also watched a program on sex during the Civil War. (Civil War nerd, tyvm) The most interesting fact was that at one point in the war, over 40% of the soldiers had a venereal disease. This problem was solved in Nashville by legalizing prostitution and forcing them to be licensed and treated for disease.
13. That if I don't kill That Man, the reality of actually being able to sell our house and move into a new house is actually much closer than it's ever been. We looked at a perfect house today, and B was a little disappointed that we weren't moving right in.


Heather said...

So don't scare me with #2 - my hubby and I are thinking about moving, which would require doing remodeling in our house to sell it. And as far as I think it was #3 about writing time - I'm with ya on that. I have to dedicate today to cleaning, not writing. And, oh, I've lost the number and now the thought. Oh, boxing up books. At least they're easy to pack and unpack.

Danica/Dream said...

Yes the books are the easy part. *sigh*

Remodeling is a pain, but I keep reminding myself that it'll make my house sell faster and for more money so I can get a nicer house. YAY!

Today is supposed to be cleaning day as well. Ugh.

Jenny said...

I used to be like that. Then my mom timed me online. NOW I'm never off if I can help it. xD I'm bad. xD

Danica/Dream said...

Jenny, I should probably mention that she's six... way too young to be addicted!

Heather Diane Tipton said...

I wanna hear about #10 when you're ready