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Saturday, April 28, 2007

You can all be sick now

I got EVEN MORE done today!!

B had a soccer game today, which was fun. Then, we went to lunch at Mickey D's with my FIL. By midday, I'd given up hope that after my super productive day yesterday that I'd accomplish anything useful. I shouldn't say that. It's never a waste of time to spend quality family time. Which we've had a lot of lately. Yay us!

However, with everything that needs to get done on the house to put it up for sale, I'm feeling a bit under pressure. Our goal was May 1st, and there's no way we'll make it. Mid-May, hopefully. I'd just really like to be settled in something new before school starts.

After Mickey D's, we visited a couple of open houses. I was pleasantly surprised by what's out there. It's starting to seem more reasonable, as well as more real, that we could possibly have a new home. Also, as much work as I thought we needed to do, one of the houses we visited was nowhere near as nice as ours. I still think we need to do the work, but I'm not feeling as hopeless as I had.

We returned home, I did all my online work, and then went to the store. Lots of fun, I know. No great sense of accomplishment yet.

Then, we had dinner. I know, everyone is so impressed with what an interesting day I had. However, after dinner, we got to work. I cleared out the area where I've got my grape vines as well as the raspberry patch. That Man and I both have the scratches to prove it. My flowerbeds are ready to be tilled so I can replant and put in some new mulch. So YAY! We got a lot done.

When it got dark, I read the crits on my proposal, and I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't say it sucked. Well, actually, one of them did use the word, "sucked," as in I got her sucked into the story. Wahoo! I love it when people say that.

I also realized something interesting. One of my CPs is this bizarre grammar Nazi who points out all this bizarre grammar crap that I disagree with. Well, just in case she was right, I looked it up. Just so you know, she was right. But this is where the something interesting comes in. I use all the British usage and grammar rules. As a kid, I had a hard time spelling certain words because I always wanted to spell them the British way. It took a lot of training to do it the American way. It's weird, because I never went to a British school, or have a background that would suggest that I'd be inclined to British usage. And then it hit me... almsot all the books I read during my formative years were all published in Britain. They are still my "comfort" books. So now I have to re-train myself on something I thought I had down cold. Well, I do. If I were in Britain. Ugh. Thank God for "find and replace."

So I fixed all that, and I am pleased to say that my proposal is complete and sent. Yet another great accomplishment.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring, other than I have to bake a cake. I've been wanting to bake one, tomorrow just gives me an excuse to do so. :) As for other things, well, we'll see what hurts. My rear end is killing me from the bike ride, and given all the laboring I did this evening, I may hurt too much tomorrow to do much else.

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