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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Things about why I love That Man

1. My death threats don't scare him
2. I have life insurance on him (but not enough!)
3. He thinks that last statement is funny
4. He adores me
5. He thinks I'm beautiful
6. He's a great dad
7. He's got cute buns (and don't you DARE look at them! They're mine, all mine!)
8. He supports all of my dreams
9. He loves me unconditionally
10. He balances me
11. He's the father of the LiLi
12. He's a man of God
13. His dreams inspire me

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Michelle Wun said...

Hi, I am new in T13. Do come and visit me. Btw, love your post.

Marcia said...

Tributes to our husbands are great, especially since they come from the heart. You reminded me I need to do one for my husband, too. This was really nice.