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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Knock-knock Mania

I survived yesterday's trauma of four-year-olds running around my house. Why, oh why, did it have to be cold and windy? One of the lovely activities the children forced me to endure was knock-knock jokes. At this age, one of the important developmental stages is learning to grasp humor. Which, trust me, they do not grasp.

So here are some of the winners...

Kiki: Knock-knock.
Liam: Who's there?
Kiki: Banana.
Liam: Banana Who?
Kiki: Banana I'm going to marry Liam when I grow up.

Followed with her best friend Veronica...

V: Knock-knock
K: Who's there?
V: Banana.
K: Banana who?
V: Banana I'm going to marry Liam too.

Which led to a screech from Liam, who said, "But I'm going to marry Kiki!" Granted, Liam and Kiki have been friends for a couple of years now, and in that time, both have been very firm in their resolve that they will be marrying each other when they grow up. But still... my daughter is FOUR and she's already fighting with her best friend over boys.

Once we clarified that they were too young to decide who was marrying who, we were able to get to such ditties as:

Who's There?
Carrots who?
Carrots on my forehead.

I think we endured about thirty minutes of this... each punchline followed by hysterical laughter. I was so grateful that my best friend was there for the torture. Said friend is mother of Veronica... she and I had some good laughs.

It's really been wonderful sharing this time with her. When she told me she was pregnant with V, I was a bit sad because I'd been trying for so long and it hadn't happened yet. And then it did, just a couple months later. We made so many plans... watched our bellies grow together, told our babies in our bellies that they would be best friends. When the girls turned one, we were sad that they didn't seem to want to play together. Now that they're older, it's such a joy to watch how much they love each other.

So there we were, watching them already fighting over a boy... not a developmental milestone we thought would happen now, but it's still really great to have a mom friend to walk, talk, laugh, and cry through each stage. Even when the stage consists of:

K: Knock knock
V: Who's there?
K: Sandwich.
V: Sandwich who?
K: Sandwich is gonna eat you all up!

Gotta save 'em while I can...


Janet Spaeth said...

There once was a writer named Dream
Whose poetry was quite the scream
She wrote rapturous stuff
Based on parties gone rough
And now Dream is eating all the ice cream.

There's something about limericks and knock-knock jokes and motherhood that, when combined, become a very dangerous mixture.

I promise I will stop. I will. No more poems.

Good to know the party was, at the very least, entertaining.

Love the jokes!

Danica Favorite said...

You made me snort... all over my computer... Liam Alone; he's mine!!!

And I woke up The Dog.

Sadly, no ice cream. Just chips. No more dip. Ate all of it.