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Monday, May 19, 2008

Writing Challenge!!

It's that time!!!

A couple of weeks ago, I promised a writing challenge. And here it is: This week, we are WRITING. No excuses. I want goals, my friends, GOALS. What are you going to accomplish this week with your writing?

A few of you *nudge nudge* were at a conference this weekend and had some incredible requests. Some of us *kicking myself* were told be an agent that she had some revising to do. And the rest of you just need to get cracking!!

So here it is:
Post your goal in the comments section (unless you already did so in the previous post).
Sunday night, post what you did.

I will then do my math magic (be afraid) and figure out who met their goal by the highest percentage. That person wins either 1000 crackrat credits OR a $10 giftcard to the bookstore or java joint of their choice.

EVERYONE who meets their goals will be listed on the winner's list AND, if you meet your goals every month through August, you'll be eligible for a special grand prize. For Colorado folks, that spells par-tay at Dreamy's house. For ACFW folks, that means par-tay at ACFW. For everyone else, I'll do something creative.

Are you still reading? You shouldn't be. You should be posting a goal, then getting your behind in the chair and writing away. :)


Kay Day said...

I want to do this. I was thinking about what my goal should be and then before I knew it I was in bed asleep!
I have a hard time with goals. I want to be challenged, but not overwhelmed.
I haven't written any words for a long time. Although I have been doing some character development and thinking a lot about my book. But that stuff isn't measurable.
So, any words I write will be a big improvement. I am going to set a goal that seems low when compared to other writers, but I am learning to stop comparing!!!!!!!!
If I can get 1500 words down by Sunday night, I will feel pretty good. So that's my goal.

Kay Day said...

Ok, I've already met my goal!
So, maybe I should make another one? Maybe I underestimated myself?
I'm going to be hopeful now and say that my goal is 3500 words by Sunday night.

Danica Favorite said...

Go Kay!!

Kay Day said...