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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The name game

I know, you all will have a heart attack and die. Two posts in one night. It's because Packrat hasn't released anything new lately and I've completed all the sets I can. So, my choices of activity are: watch the Jericho DVDs hubby got me for M-Day (blech... I'd have to go to the other TV), clean up from party (you'd think they'd have done that for me, it being M-Day and all), write (I am WAITING to hear back on my revisions, so there), or mess around on the computer.

ANYWAY... Jaen's response to my last post had me posting this as a really long response, and then I decided just to do it as a blog.

I called my daughter Kiki in my last post. Let's be clear here. I'm the only one allowed to call her Kiki, and she barely tolerates that. The people at church call her Kiki, but I'm semi-convinced they think Kiki is actually her name. Which is kinda funny, because she won't answer to it. So they all sit there, saying, "hey, Kiki," and she ignores them. Sorry. I probably shouldn't find that funny, but I do. I should probably talk to her about manners, but I'm always too busy laughing. Did I mention she's a Diva? And don't you think Kiki is a Diva name? Oh, to go back and change her birth certificate... (Kidding, honey, I promise)

The funny thing about Kiki and her friends is that they all have weird names. Veronica is also known as Lolly, and she calls Kiki "Caleb" which is also not her name. She calls Liam "Leo". Then there's The Dog, named Grant, but we call him LiLi. When That Man and I got together, I thought his family was huge. Well, it is, but it's not as big as I thought. Because THEY all have nicknames and so when you hear them talk about all these people, you think they're different people, but they're not.

Which is actually pretty funny that Jaen posted something that made me think of nicknames. In case you're wondering, she posted as JANET. I don't know her as Janet. I know her as Jaen (and how do you say that, anyway?). Which is why I generally go around listing myself as Danica/Dream. No, I'm not schizophrenic. At least I don't think I am. Am I? But different people know me as different names, and I can never remember which name which people know me by.

As I read the previous paragraph, I'm cracking up even more, because some of you are scratching your heads wondering where I got a comment from Janet. It's because I have FOUR blogs. I started one, a long time ago, didn't like the interface, but have no clue how to transfer the posts, so I started double posting. And then, I got a MySpace, and it had a blog and folks wanted to read my blog but they were too lazy to click a link and I'm sooo accommodating, so I just copied my blog on MySpace. And THEN, I found out that some of my good friends who also like to read my blog are on Xanga, so of course, I copy and paste there.

Are you dizzy yet?

Even though I should probably feel guilty that I'm confusing my poor sweet terrorist child by calling her Kiki instead of her real name (which I DO use on occasion, and not just when she's in trouble), she's going to have to get used to it, I fear. Life will give her all sorts of nicknames. At least the one I gave her is cute and loving, right? And if it does scar her for life, well, I suppose there's always therapy. Or she could write a book. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, don't tell me you're a Jericho fan. My husband recently got addicted to that show, and when he gets addicted to a show, he gets addicted. We have Jericho on every evening over here.