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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #44: Celebrating my Kiki

Thirteen Things about My Kiki

Well, even though everyone wants me to do a Mother's Day blog, I'm doing one on my little Kiki. Which sort of qualifies as a Mother's Day blog, since she is my daughter. Anyway, she's my baby, and she turns four on Monday. I'm a bit sad about that, so I've been planning this blog for a while.

1. Her real name is not Kiki, but we've called her that for years. However, she's recently informed me that she is NOT a Kiki and I need to stop calling her that. She has a 15 minute explanation as to WHY she's not a Kiki, but I still can't help myself.

2. She has a strong fear of wolf-is and coy-whoa-tees. She thinks wolves and coyotes are going to attack us when we drive through the mountains, even though we've explained she's safe in the car.

3. Until recently, I loved asking her, "Whose baby are you," because she'd answer, "OARS!" But now, she tells me off for calling her a baby.

4. I've blogged a few times about having her daddy's beautiful blue eyes, but it bears mentioning again. I love those eyes!

5. She's a daredevil with no fear. She taught her big sister how to climb the monkey bars at the park.

6. She's very good at reminding me the things I "got-for"... aka forgot.

7. Being pretty is at the top of her list of things to do. We can't leave the house unless she thinks she's pretty. (And no, this does not conform to the world's standards of pretty, even though people regularly stop her and tell her how pretty she is)

8. We also call her Imelda, as in Imelda Marcos. They share a passion for shoes.

9. On personality profile tests, we score exactly the opposite on everything.

10. I once asked God why He gave me this little Kiki. Then she came running through the room, sprinkling glitter everywhere. And that's why He brought Kiki into our lives... without her, we'd have no glitter.

11. Her favorite color is pink and has made it her personal mission to convince everyone else to adopt pink as their favorite color.

12. Other nicknames for her include: The Terrorist and Birth Control. I think any person considering having children should spend some time with her before making such a rash decision.

13. Of all the jobs I do, raising her is the toughest. But I have to say, it also brings me the most joy.

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Jan Parrish said...

And you will probably be closest to her because you invest so much into her. :) Happy mothers day!

Delia said...

#10 almost made me cry. I'm a big softie that way.

It sounds like your Kiki is a darling little girl and I think this is a perfect Mother's Day post. After all, that's what Mothers are all about; loving their children.

Kay Day said...

This is a sweet post. Did she give you a message the other day that I called? Or was it caller ID? Cuz if she gave you the message, I am WAY impressed!

Janet Spaeth said...

I love this post, especially the part about the glitter.

May we all have more glitter in our lives....

Happy Mother's Day! (a bit early)

Danica Favorite said...

Yes, that girl is a character. :)

Kay, she did not give me the message. But I saw on caller ID that you called, so I tried calling back, but got voice mail and realized you were at the retreat. We must do coffee or lunch or something soon.