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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Could someone please shoot me?

Soooo... had another great day today. Again, got much accomplished. I went to my friend's house to see her new baby. I got to hold the baby for two whole hours. :) Bliss.

Insert "I want a baby" temper tantrum.

I think I have decided to see if I can volunteer at the local hospital holding babies. I just love them so much. And since I'm the only member of this family on board with the having ten kids program, I'll just have to co-opt someone else's. Speaking of, my advice to single women is that if the intend to marry, don't marry on old dude. I realize this is contrary to my prior advice of marry an old guy so he dies first and you get all the life insurance money. However, old guy may not be too into the whole ten kids thing because he thinks he's too old. Then again, I could always have my old guy killed off and THEN marry some spring chicken who will let me have ten kids. Think I could put that in a personal ad:

Wanted: Christian man willing to knock off current hubby in order to marry me and procreate. Seeking approximately ten children. Please forward resume and complete health records to determine genetic viability and superiority. Must be gainfully employed and able to support said ten children.

Yeah, I know, I'm a loon. That Man is just driving me nuts right now. Within the space of an evening, he's made comments that make me think he'll let me have more kids, and then, he makes comments about giving away our baby stuff. ACK!!! Please! Someone, anyone! Shoot one of us!

Tomorrow, he's taking me to look at a house. I'm semi excited, because it seems to be what we're looking for. HOWEVER, can I just stop this parade before it starts and say that he STILL DOES NOT HAVE A JOB! A mortgage company would have to be on crack to give us a loan. (And no, this is not an invitation for stupid mortgage spam) Our house is not yet ready to sell, since ALL of the projects are STILL in some state of unfinished (although many are close to completion). So why, Why, WHY am I getting excited over going to look at some stupid house? God, deal with this or I'm going to go nuts.

Actually, that wasn't what I originally wanted to be shot over. Although, so far, we have two reasons to shoot me. So here it is... magic "Shoot me now" reason number three.

I finished my revisions on WTW.

Hold the applause.

As I was preparing to post it for this critique group I'm a part of, I read the posting rules. Back cover blurb, blah freaking blah... (which I don't have). And guess what I have ALSO not written?

The suckopsis, er synopsis.

Actually, I think I have an old one on the other computer. Ergh. I wrote it three or four years ago. It probably does not reflect the changes to the story. It probably is unusable. But I should probably look at it anyway.

And I was so looking forward to working on edits for Their Miracle Baby, which is next on the list. Hahahahahahahahaha

Let's just open The Book and forget all this crap, shall we? As if I could. I posted something to the effect of WTW having been requested last year in Reno, and I got the whole "if you pitch, you need to send, blah blah blah" lecture. Not mocking her at all. She's right. The whole reason I'm gung ho on subbing WTW is that I feel like there was this commitment to subbing it, and if I don't get it out there, it's my integrity on the line, and I just can't do that. I already feel like crap for it taking so long. So fine.

Heigh ho, Heigh ho... it's off to write a synopsis I go...


Heather Diane Tipton said...

LOLOLOL It could always be worse... I'm going on 21 months since my request... yeah yeah I know, I'm pond scum...

The only reason I'm still going to sub it is that whole integrity thing..

Danica/Dream said...

Yes, but I don't want it to be worse. I already feel like a sloth.

And I am looking at the synopsis now, so there! (It's actually something usable-WAHOOOOOO)