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Friday, June 30, 2006

Tee Hee... I did go shopping

And I feel great!

I was getting dressed this morning, and I hated that I had to pull out a number of pairs of underwear before I found a pair without holes. Which made me think of the countless lectures I've given to That Man for walking around the house in holey underwear. Doesn't he know how utterly unattractive it is, and how big a turn off it is to see him wearing holey underwear?

I made it my mission today to buy new underwear. As most of you know, I'm a creature of habit. Today, I did something very unlike me. I bought a new style of underwear.

No, I didn't buy thongs. ICK. Tried that back in college, and despite my friend's assurances that I would get used to it, I was never fond of feeling like I had a permanent wedgie. Besides, That Man actually finds them very unappealing. Score one for the home team. :)

When I buy underwear, it MUST be 100% cotton (unless I'm buying something sexy for That Man, in which case I don't care what it's made of, because I don't plan on wearing it long enough to give me the inevitable rash I get when I don't wear 100% cotton). Yes, I know, more than what you wanted to know about me, but, as I like to point out, it's MY blog. As for style, I've experimented a little (see above note on college thong phase), but I've found I am most comfortable in bikinis. Except during my period, when I prefer big bad granny briefs. Come on, all you women know you have certain underwear to wear only during your period. It's tradition.

As I was perusing, I noticed this new style-I assume to look better with the new lower waistline of most pants-called hipsters. I decided to give them a whirl, since underwear was buy one package, get one 1/2 off. I felt safe buying one package of the old standby, and one package of something new and different. The last time I tried something new and different, it was those boy short things, and I didn't like them. I think it's because I have a proportionally larger butt and hips (12 inches bigger than my waist, which is a lot), and they just rode up my butt. Not real fond of wedgies, so I was glad they came in a small package and were on sale at the time.

Which leads to my other underwear quirk: I must buy underwear from a package. The thought of buying something that was hanging on a rack or sitting in a bin, where *gasp* someone else might have had their grubby paws on it is too horrific for me to think about. I do NOT like other people touching my underwear.

I broke tradition in another important way. Usually, I buy one package of black underwear, and one package of white underwear. I'm not a big colored underwear person. I don't know why, I just like plain old white. Sort of like my tennis shoes. Same deal. Plain white. That's it. Don't give me any of that fancy stuff. However black does come in handy certain times of the month. Enough said. Anyway... the packages of plain white underwear were more expensive than the ones that had three pairs of plain white and three pairs of patterns. My cheapness won out, and I am now the proud (I think) owner of six pairs of colored underwear. I know. It's shocking.

I came home, tried on the new underwear, decided they're a bit big, but since they are 100% cotton, they'll shrink in the wash. I did test the new hipsters, not really sure how they're different from the bikinis, except there's a little more material on the sides. I'll have to see if makes a difference on comfort and fit. They're in the dryer right now.


Tori Lennox said...

Oh, I hear you on the 100% cotton! Anything else just makes me sweat. Not fun. Which is probably too much information, too. *g*

Viola said...

Hi, Danica!
You've officially been tagged. Check out my latest blog if you want to play.
(oh, and yes, cotton all the way, baby!)

Danica/Dream said...

See, cotton rules! :)

Bailey Stewart said...

I'm a 100% cotton gal too. And, up until a few years ago, all white. It's hard to find undies that fit me right because I carry so much weight in my stomach, but Wallyworld came out with some that were perfect, only they came in different colors only. Pink? The furthest from white I've ever had was off-white. *gg* So I had white, off-white, pink, blue, flowered and black. Black! Perfect for periods. Yay, black!! Except now Wallyworld doesn't make them in my size. And they're getting holey and I'm stuck going back to all of those "name" brand full figure gal undies that do not fit right. Arrrggghhhhhh!

Michelle said...

I actually splurged and did the Body by Victoria bikinis. Very comfortable. :)

I hate thongs. Sooo not into wedgies...