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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A rockin' good day

No, I didn't sell a book.

I woke up this morning, on my own, mind you, early enough to get the Bay-ster ready for day camp, pack her lunch, all that stuff, and take her. That Man was still in bed. Usually, I'm irritated as all get out when that happens, but for some reason, I just wanted him to get rest. Took her to school in my jammies, and she was having a needy day, but we got through it.

Came home, chilled with the Kay-mer, took a shower, put on a movie for her, and started picking up the house. Snacked on some mango slices (LOVE mango), That Man came home from part shopping, and took the kiddo to do more shopping and pick up the Bay-ster. While they were out, I cleaned my house.

No, I'm not sick. And no, we aren't having company.

I started picking up a few days ago, and it just feels so good to have a clean house. The cleaner it is, the better I feel. Right now, I feel so awesome. There's still a lot to do, but I wouldn't be embarrassed to have anyone over right now.

After that, I took Bay, and we went to the post office and bank. And YAY! You know those mail in offers you get when you buy stuff? I always think I'm going to send them in and never remember until the deadline. Well guess what? I remembered! Today was the deadline, so now I get two free bras. :) AND... I decided that I need to make savings more of a priority, so rather than putting my whole check where it will get spent, I put some in savings. :) Then, we went to Mickey D's for an ice cream. While Bay played, I got to play with my new toy-I ordered a purse sized Bible from Amazon and it came today, so I had it to read.

At Mickey D's, I called the doctor, because Bay has been having earaches, and they said they had an opening in an hour (which NEVER happens). We picked up and went to the doctor's, who ruled that Bay's ear is perfectly fine, but gave me a script for antibiotics just in case. (Which I won't fill-I think they are so overused) However, on the way to the doctor's, I was having trouble with my car overheating (driving in 90+ heat with the heater full blast is not fun), so I called DH and told him I was going to take it slow going home since it was rush hour. Well, I got about a mile from the doc's, and my car started overheating really bad. I called DH and told him I was going to just hang out downtown until rush hour was over, so that if I broke down, I wouldn't be in danger. He said to hang tight and he'd come get us.

Well, we went to Johnny Rockett's-Bay and I grabbed a bite to eat, and it was so fun, because she felt like such a big girl, out on the town with Mom. DH got there, ate, and then went to look at my car while the girls and I window shopped. Fortunately, I decided to give up the fight with my car right next to the Mother Ship-Barnes and Noble. :) DH couldn't figure out what was wrong, but by then, rush hour was over, so I drove home, dying of heat stroke, and he followed me in case I had trouble. He did volunteer to let me take his car, but I'm afraid of driving that big thing. Got home, DH looked in the big manual, figured out it was a relay, bought the part, fixed my car.

I came home, opened the rest of my Amazon delivery and FINALLY got to watch Buffy. None of the video places here even have it, so I broke down and got the DVD from Amazon. Only 7 bucks, what a deal! DH was able to watch Buffy with me, he thought it was corny. DUH!!! That's the whole point!

Sounds like a boring day, eh? I think what made it so great is that there are so many things I know I should be doing and don't do. Small daily habits that I should prioritize and don't. I even FLOSSED! (Got the floss lecture last week at the dentist-no cavities, though.) Every little thing I should do and don't do, I did it today. I even exercised! And am writing now. I can officially say, at the conclusion of this post, other than some minor tweaking I want to do once I find some notes I made somewhere, and having someone crit this thing and then me fix from there, I AM DONE WITH MY EDITS!!

Tomorrow, I have a morning play date, and am going to do a few more things around the house, and am really going to try to have as stellar of a day as I did today. Life is so good.


Heather Diane Tipton said...

yay on your good day! That makes my day!

Jana said...

Oh wow! So glad to hear that you had such an awesome day. Hope today is another one! :-)

Bailey Stewart said...

Everything just came together for you - I love when that happens.

Oh, note the name change. I blogged about it on Sunday.

It's me - Eve

Tori Lennox said...

No, I'm not sick. And no, we aren't having company.

You're not pregnant, are you? :)

Danica/Dream said...

Thanks Heather Jana and Bailey.

Tori, no, I'm not pregnant. I am in the midst of the period from hell and I'm ready to stick my head in the oven about now.

Yesterday was not a fun day. :(