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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Homicidal, thanks for asking...

My plans for a great day yesterday started out with good intentions. Playdate was awesome, discovered a great new park that is far away, but worth the drive for a family outing. Then we went to the one gal's house.

For those of you who have cats, I love you. BUT... I will probably never go to your house unless you PROMISE me you will keep the cats away from me and thoroughly clean before I come in.

Yep, she had cats. Two of 'em. And she very apologetically told us that she hadn't cleaned in a while. One hour later, I went home. I barely made it to my house before my eyes swelled shut. Fun, eh? So I doped up on drugs and have been pretty much useless since then. While all this loveliness was occurring, the period that I thought was going to be nice for a change decided to get in on the action and developed raging cramps. I believe it's a conspiracy. Where's Oliver Stone when you need him?

So I'm recovering. My brain is still very fuzzy and I'm thinking it'll be early to bed for me tonight. I am back on track with doing all my good stuff that I was so proud of me for doing the other day, although I did not exercise today. Come ON! I'm sore from the other day, plus cramps, so this body just ain't moving, okay? I want to DIE just going up and down the stairs.

I did go to the chiro today and he has a new massage therapist, who rubbed my shoulders for a while. Heaven, I tell you, heaven! So when I get to heaven, will I get all the massages I want? Or will I not need them because I'm not as stresed? Still, stress or not, massages feel really good!

I'm slightly annoyed right now, because God keeps putting people in my life who annoy me. And I think, "why?" Let's just smite this creature and get it out of my life. So here's what this person did to annoy me... this person both publicly and privately corrected me over something stupid, asinine, and worse, something I didn't need corrected on. Yes, we know I have ego issues anyway. But come ON! Guys, I'm a nerd. Don't try to out nerd me. All it does is annoy me. Probably, there are a lot of people nerdier than I. That's fine. But why bother trying to go up against me? In the process, you just prove what a jerk you are. Plus, you ultimately prove that you are an idiot, rather than a nerd because in trying to prove me wrong, you've proven me right. (Except that no one sees it amongst the "you are an idiot" condescending crap you spew) In the future, you should a.) have your facts straight before trying to show how "wrong" I am b.) actually READ what you are correcting and c.) give your brain time to process your idiotic thoughts before allowing them to slip out of your mouth.

I feel better now. How about you?

Off to edit now... I'm going to nail that one scene and send it away to folks to read before I give it one last spiffying up before my end of month deadline to send to the editor. I sound so cheery for feeling like I need to spew...


Heather Diane Tipton said...

awww huge hugs Danica!!!

Bailey Stewart said...


I just finished the period from hell - and everybody survived. Will wonders never cease.

Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* sweetie. I'm compiling a list for my next one-way rocket trip to outer space. It was just for Stupid People(tm), but I'm thinking I could expand to include Just Plain Annoying People(tm), too.

Jana said...

Adding my hugs, as well.

Hope the annoying person gets lost. ;-)

Danica/Dream said...


Tori let me know when that rocket launches... I have a few people I'll send your way.