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Friday, June 23, 2006

Two in One Night

I'm so good.

Found the synopsis, it's usable, with fixes, of course.

However, in searching for the synopsis, I realized I have a much larger problem. I am so freaking disorganized. This using two computers is killing me. I have files on one, but not on the other, some on my beloved Flash, and for whatever reason, when I set up The Mistress, the folders were funky, and so I can never figure out where I put anything. ACK!!! I know I had more written on The Book, but can I find THOSE files? No.

I need to find someone with a severe case of OCD who LIKES organizing computers to come over and make some sense of these two machines. And then I need to do something about switching over all the time. The really sad thing is that I've pretty much abandoned My Baby (the desktop) in favor of The Mistress (my laptop) since I got my very own office. It's just that most of the time, I need to be on The Mistress to supervise children, and by the time they're in bed, I'm comfy on the couch with The Mistress and don't want to move.

I know, I have such a pathetic life, whining because I have two computers. I started to say that someone really should shoot me, and then I had a little voice whisper in my ear, "Is that really what you want to happen?" Not really. I'd prefer it if God played Genie, waved His magic wand and fixed it all for me so I wouldn't have to stress over it all.

I'm going to bed now.

Peace be the journey people.

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