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Saturday, November 04, 2006

I need to learn to keep my big mouth shut

There I am, minding my own business and being a good girl, yet sharing what's on my heart. And then I start working on the good ole Nano book. I begin writing the first scene in my heroine's point of view. It occurred to me that a pregnant meth addict isn't going to go over so well with the CBA. And the whole prayer thing isn't going to go over so well in the mainstream market.

Which led me to remembering that whole thing I JUST posted about seeking him first. Um, yeah, that one. You know, where I basically said that if HE didn't come first than my writing was just another form of Baal worship?

Yeah. So anyway, we have a pregnant meth addict for a heroine. Doncha just wanna go out and buy the book? I should mention, though, because now that I am committed to just writing what I need to write and not caring about the market until it's done and I can decide what to do from there, I am doing research on pregnant meth addicts. I suddenly felt really convicted, because I found a forum where they post and stuff... strangers would come on and post awful things about these poor women. One poster even suggested helping them kick the habit by euthanizing them. It made me sick. If I were trying to kick a habit and looking for support-to be faced with those comments-ugh. Maybe I need to write this book for a reason.


Cheryl Shaw said...

"On the surface, I am nothing like my adulterous drug addicted heroine. And yet, I am everything like her."

Dream, that is why your readers will like the character who seems so unlikable. When you make us see that we are all that woman, maybe not with the same Baal she is chasing, but we all have our Baal. If you can take someone that mothers want to hate for doing the unthinkable and making us see ourselves in her, you will have a fantastic read.

Good luck, happy NaNoing and heart cleaning! (you are a mom, you get multitasking. I think God does too.) :D


Danica/Dream said...

Thanks Cheryl. I hope I get it! Yeah, God is the master multitasker, isn't He?