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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ick, Ick, and more Ick

I probably shouldn't be blogging tonight, since the computer makes me want to hurl.

First, for Tori, my analysis of Veronica Mars: I AM SO MAD THAT DADDY-O GOT WITH THE MARRIED WOMAN. And yes, I was slightly irritated that the preview had nothing to do with the episode. But glad there wasn't any Logan/Veronica nastiness. Next episode will be interesting: Logan specifically said, "trust me," and it's going to be interesting to see what happens. :)

Then, That Man came home with a tummyache. I decided to avoid getting sick myself and slept on the couch. Except just as I started to fall asleep, the kiddos started crying. The usual growing pains in the middle of the night, and they wanted me to sleep with them. Lovely. Squeezing mommy and two girls in a twin bed is not fun. I don't recommend it. The two year old decided to spend the night playing, jumping on the bed, and disrupting our sleep. I decided to move back to the couch, making note that we really have to get them in separate bedrooms soon. I feel bad for her sister having to deal with that night after night.

Just as I got to sleep, I wake to crying kiddos again. That Man was in there, comforting the baby, who'd put all of their rubber bands on her ankles and wrists, cutting off her circulation. He was just getting up for work and heard her crying. So, I went to my own bed. I got an hour of sleep before the kiddos got me up.

I got up in time to realize that my tummy was upset as well. After I emptied the contents of my stomach, I went back to bed, putting the TV on in my bedroom for them to watch in my bed. I know. Lovely. Spent the morning in bed, waiting for death, and got up to get B to school. As I was driving, the light sensitivity about killed me. Which is when I realized the headache and nausea were not a virus I caught from That Man, but a migraine. Took my pills, put a blanket over the windows, put the baby to bed and went to sleep.

I still feel like death. But I'm trying to keep myself up a litle while so I can actually sleep tonight.


Jana said...

(((Dream))) Feel better, hun.

Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* Feel better soon.

As for V's dad, I wasn't too thrilled about that either, but given he'd just come thisclose to being killed I can sorta see how he'd kind of go off the deep end.

angela said...

ugh, that stinks.. hope you're feeling better soon!

Danica/Dream said...

Thanks... I'm on the mend, I think.