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Friday, November 10, 2006

Things I do/do not recommend

Seeing the Broadway version of The Lion King. Highly recommended-the musical numbers are great.

Not recommended: Doing it while fighting a stomach virus.

Okay, so what I thought was a stomach virus turned migraine was really a stomach virus AND a migraine. Yesterday was not fun.

We went to the Lion King, which is what we got DSD for Christmas-my alumni association had a deal where we went to dinner and the show. Not recommended: eating mystery buffet food when the only other food you've been eating for the past two days consists of the BRAT diet. I did not, however, hurl. This is a good thing. Definitely recommended when dressed to the nines at a formal function.

The show was good. The only thing that threw me (DUH) was that the voices were different. When you've watched a show eight hundred million times with the same voices, listening to your favorite lines delivered by a different voice with a different tone is a bit surreal.
The costumes were cool-I wish I'd taken my friend's recommendation to bring binoculars. Definitely would recommend that now.

Sitting near an exit. This was just a nice lagniappe, however, I am so glad that the tickets we got were close. Definitely recommend that one, especially since there's only a ten minute intermission, long enough to jump up, beat the rest of the hordes travelling to the restroom, and get back in time for curtain. I know, TMI, but seriously, my stomach was not in a happy mood. The military folks definitely should use that as torture method for prisoners. Give them an upset stomach, then make them sit through a Broadway show (where they don't let you back in if you get up-and we paid too much money for those tickets to allow that to happen), and by the end of the first act, they'll be ready to talk.

Washing your face before going to bed. Just thought I'd throw that one in, but I definitely recommend it. Especially after wearing makeup. I know, *gasp* , can you believe I actually did my hair and wore makeup? There is no photographic evidence of this, however. :)

All in all, it was a great night. That Man also took pity on me and drove the babysitter home, even though he had an early morning to start a long day coming up. :)

However, on the NOT recommended list, I'd be remiss if I didn't say, "going to McDonalds for lunch the next day." I'd made plans with my mentor mom a few days ago to meet for lunch today, and she'd suggested McDonalds so the kids weren't bored, and well, my stomach is REALLY not happy with me right now. I'd feel just fine if I wouldn't eat or drink anything. Ugh.

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