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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

FINALLY!!!! I get to blow something up and kill people!!

I am sooooo excited. So here I am, 1885 words into my Nano book and I FINALLY get to unleash my wickedly homicidal mind.

I decided to go with the Hosea story.

Which freaks me out slightly because it is going to be soooo hard to make my heroine sympathetic. I've been stressing about it ever since Mike told me about his wife leaving him. He's a stupid secondary in my current editing nightmare, and he's demanding that I tell HIS story and get him back together with the wife who left him and their kids with no warning, just a note.

Which got me to thinking-why would a woman with a great husband and great kids just up and leave? As I started writing today, I found it. And I found some beautiful, brilliantly fun things that I get to do.

One: She's living in a house that doubles as a meth lab. It's gonna get blown up. :)
Two: The icky, nasty drug lord and his cronies living there-they're gonna get blown up too. :)
Three: My heroine is going to have a baby! Yippee!!

I swear, I have babies on the mind because this is my third book in a row with a pregnant heroine. Ahahahahahaha

I am so excited. *doing mega happy dance* Babies, Murder, and Blowing Stuff up... life does not get any better than this.

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