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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kiddo stories...

You know how your kids will do something really funny, and you think, I've *so* got to tell this story...

Well, it happened today.

And in between doing the mommy thing, the wife thing, chatting with Jayne about a way fun event we're planning for SH (hehehe you guys are going to love it), racing kiddos to school, stopping by my FIL's, visiting radio shack, the grocery store, prepping for class, getting royally P-O'd at certain events in the news that I'm still not calm enough about to share in a nice sort of way, picking up the sitter, making dinner, teaching a roomful of folks about depreciation (ACK!), planning the rest of the week, watching Shallow Hal (LOVE that movie! There are some amazing scenes with awesome characterization), working on the boards (still working on a few more updates I want to do), and TRYING to Nano,

I completely forgot what it was.

But I'm telling you, it was soooooo good.

P.S. Homeland Security, if you're reading this, and you see a lot of activity on my computer visiting sites about meth labs, gangs, drug addicts, blowing things up, etc., I promise it's for the Nano book. Maybe you could have a chat with some editors about buying it so that way you can buy it, read it, and cross me off your list.


Cheryl Shaw said...

I always wonder what will flag Homeland.

Jana said...

Yeah, one of these days we might see Miss Dreamy, here, on the news! LOL

Danica/Dream said...

LOL, I have no idea what flags homeland-but given that I do a lot of research on things like this, terrorists, blowing stuff up, homicide, etc, I've always thought they're probably looking at me now and again. They arrested some kid for posting stuff about Bush on her My Space, so you can never be too careful :)