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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

FINALLY!! (I can't believe he's dead)

Today, you get two for the price of one. :) I watched last week's epi of Veronica on Monday, and then got to watch this week's on Tuesday. I've been down and out with the stomach crud, so I'm slowly getting around to everything. Life ala Danica: Just when you think you're smooth sailing, someone pukes.

Anyway, I totally did not see the death of Lamb coming. Although I have to say that his last words were sooo lame. That ruined what could have been a beautiful moment. But oh well. There's finally a decent Sheriff in town.

And, as you can well expect, I am irritated at the whole Logan/Parker thing. First, I don't like Parker. She gets on my nerves. Second, I hate how they make him so fickle as to chase after someone else so soon. Third, remember the whole Veronica and Logan forever thing? Get with the program already!!

Also, I realize they did this to attract new fans who can follow the story, but I'm tired of the mini arcs. I preferred the big arc over the season deal. And, I think they keep dropping a lot of the little threads, which irritates me. What can I say, the writer in me demand satisfaction. But really, wouldn't any human being pick up on this and want to have everything neatly tied up?

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Tori Lennox said...

I was shocked at them killing off Lamb, too! Then there was much rejoicing. *g*

I've given up on hoping for a HEA for V and Logan. *sigh*