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Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Good Ole Days

Well, I really want to be in bed, but I put wood on the fire and now I'm not sure that's a good idea with a raging fire. I'm exhausted. Super long day. Got another headed right up.

Tonight, we had a benefit soccer game to benefit the family we did the game for last year, and to benefit a couple of other guys who'd died in the past year. It was super cool. I think what I loved was seeing all of these players come together to support their lost friends.

The cool thing, though, was watching all these old, out of shape guys, who used to play soccer together kicking the ball around like they were kids again, then realizing they weren't. Afterward, we all got together and listened to the guys re-hash the game, which of course, led to all of their "glory days" stories.

I sorta miss those days.

Granted, it gets old listening to the guys re-hash every minute detail of every single play. But it was fun watching them do something they love when they hadn't done it in a long time. I sat talking with the widows, and they thought it was so awesome-that this was what their husbands would have loved.

I think, when That Man kicks the bucket, I'm not having a funeral. We're having a soccer game. All his buddies running around, kicking a ball, talking about how they miss having him there to cherry pick-and looking forward to the day when they're all up there together, kicking it around, and not having to worry about their aching bones or griping that they used to be able to make a shot.

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