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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So this is what exhaustion looks like

Insert picture of me.

Nah, don't want to scare anyone.

I ended up giving up my days off this week, mostly because I'm so behind on online that I have no hope of catching up otherwise. Great plan, except we have so many office clients, I'm stuck doing that. Ah well, it'll be over soon enough. I'm working way too many hours, and I said I wasn't doing that this year. It's amazing to see how one changes so quickly with a bit of arm twisting.

Although I can't keep up this pace. I know lots of women are working mothers. But I realized something today that made a difference. Most working mothers work during the day, while kiddos are in daycare or school. Me, I work at night. Which means, my kids are home while I work. Insert hubby who is unable to multitask, aka either house stays clean or kids stay alive, and I run this horrific cycle of: clean house, go to work, come home to find house worse than when it was before I started cleaning it, clean house, go to work, etc. I am now on day six or seven or somewhere thereabouts of killer headache that only stays gone so long as drugs stay in my system. Which means, even though I am exhausted, the tylenol/caffeine/sudafed cocktail I took to get me through work is still in my system, and while the pain is back, the caffeine/sudafed high is still there, and I've got so much racing through my brain that I can't quiet it enough to sleep.

I am totally sleeping in on Sunday. In fact, I think I might see if I can sleep the whole day.

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Tori Lennox said...

So, did you see VM last night????????