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Sunday, February 25, 2007

How sweet the sound

Tonight, I put the kiddos to bed, and we said our prayers. I try to let the kiddos lead and pray how they feel led. B said her prayers and then little K followed. It was mostly a lot of jibber jabber and a few intelligible words here and there. My heart was so warmed to hear this beautiful little girl having a conversation with God. I had no idea what she prayed about, but isn't it cool that God knew exactly what this little girl was saying to Him. As tickled as I was to hear her little baby voice, can you imagine how much more so He was?

I've got a lot more perspective right now. I was thinking the other day about one of the books God's been asking me to write that I keep saying I'm strong enough to write. I started thinking about it and where I want to go with it. One of the lessons I'd learned that is going into this book is that even though my intentions were toward God, and I'd been doing all the "right" things, the one thing I wasn't doing was reading my Bible.

Funny, in the midst of my struggles lately, that's the thing that I've been neglecting the most. Lesson not learned.

But the cool thing is that I worked on my Bible study this afternoon and it was awesome. My beloved Beth did not disappoint. One of the things she pointed out was that Abraham walked with God for 100 years and during that time, he messed up a lot. Does the name Ishmael ring a bell? And yet, he's listed as one of the faithful. A friend of God. Isn't that cool? How awesome would it be to be considered one of God's faithful friends?

It doesn't matter if we mess up. What matters is chasing after God and believing Him no matter what. As I was reading, one verse jumped out at me: Hebrews 10:23 "Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful."

I am waiting on so many promises from Him. Part of what has been frustrating me is that I feel like I have been waiting FOREVER on some promises from God. But I look at Abraham and how long he has waited on promises from God. All of which have been fulfilled or are being fulfilled.

Thursday, in our Bible study group, we talked about how long we were waiting on promises, and it occurred to me that one of the things I'd been praying about had been answered. I was filled with this utterly twitterpated feeling for my husband. At that moment, I realized how deeply I love him. Which is funny, because I've never really been twitterpated over him. I love him, but it's not like it's this crazy giddy love you read about in books. I've spent a lot of time asking God for it. So there we were, talking about promises we're waiting to have fulfilled, and I can't explain it. I literally felt like some love-crazed teen over him.

Answered prayer.

So today's lesson really got me going-reminding me that He will keep His promises-in HIS time. Just as He answered my prayer about wanting to be giddy in love with my husband. Odd timing, but His timing. Good thing we have a romantic weekend coming up. ;)

Which brings me back to the sweet prayers of my little girls. They, too, are some incredible answered prayers. Promises God made me long ago. Promises He will keep, and continue to keep. And who knows, maybe that sweet little voice, speaking words only God could understand, was making some promises of her own. Even though I am still longing for the promises to be kept to me, I am hungering for something else-to see that little girl grow up and see in her own life, that God keeps His promises. Which will lead to another even sweeter sound. That baby voice, all grown up, sharing those same promises with her own little baby voices. Who will share with their little baby voices. Who will share with their little baby voices.

One day, when we're all up in Heaven together, those little baby voices are all going to be singing praises together, and some big voice, maybe even that of Abraham or Sarah, is going to say to each one of us, "You were that voice I prayed for." A sweet sound indeed.

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