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Friday, February 09, 2007

Tagged by Margaret and Squirly

And since we all know I adore Margaret Daley and Squirly , you know I have to do it. Ugh. I should probably stop calling her Squirly and refer to her as CHERYL WYATT so you know that she's FABULOUS and want to buy her books. But she'll always be Squirly to me. (PS, Everyone give a great big WAHOOO to Cheryl because she just sold another book to Steeple Hill)

Anyway, I'm supposed to share six weird things about myself:

1. The only thing that can be touching me while I sleep is The Dog. It creeps me out if That Man touches me when I'm asleep, especially if it's his feet.

2. I'm strangely obsessive about books I read. If I think of a phrase or character I liked in a book I've read, I must IMMEDIATELY re-read it or I go stark raving mad. I have been obsessively hunting for an old Harlequin Temptation that I read when I was sixteen because it had a line that I LOVED. The only trouble is I don't remember the title or author, just the line. Even with the company book database at my fingertips, I STILL can't place it. My goal is to find it and own it again before I die. (This is the reason why I seldom loan out books. I lent it to someone and never got it back.) Okay, that's really pathetic. I just realized that I've spent half of my life looking for a book.

3. I like researching things, particularly old texts. I want to learn Hebrew and Greek, just so I can read the old Bible stuff. I would LOVE to go to Seminary just to learn stuff, not that I have any plan for using it as a career.

4. I like eating applesauce on my chicken enchiladas.

5. I actually LIKE doing taxes.

6. Making a list like this is so pointless, because it would take an entire library of books to cover all of my weirdness. :)

I'm not tagging anyone, because I think everyone I know who doesn't go postal over being tagged has already been tagged. But hey, if you want to play, consider yourself tagged. :)

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