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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Infamous Danica

So I'm in round five hundred million six hundred eighty seven thousand and change of teaching tax related stuff to folks and new hire training. I'm starting to forget which class learned what and I'm having nightmares about not teaching someone something valuable because I thought I taught it to someone else. Anyway, I did another section tonight, and as my students left and the office guy closed up, he said, "So you're the infamous Danica."

Uh, yeah.

What exactly does that mean?

I asked him. And he said, "Well, everyone always talks about you." Uh, now I'm a little scared. He continued, "And when they do, they get this giddy little happy tone as they talk about you."

Now I'm really scared.

Infamous and I make people giddy.

Speaking of giddy, I'm exceedingly so, mixed with a quarter helping of exhaustion. First off, you should know that one of my wonderful, dear, beloved friends is coming to see me this weekend. Okay, her primary purpose isn't me. Her hubby bought a new truck from a place in our area and he wants to go skiing, so she's coming with him. We're getting a cabin for the weekend, the men will be skiing, the women will be indoors, BICHOK, drinking hot chocolate, giggling, and writing up a storm.

And for no particular reason, other than I had a small God nudge, I ended up calling another really good friend I don't talk to all that often, and she got all squealy and giddy when she realized it was me.

I should also mention my other friend and I got squealy and giddy as we planned our non-ski weekend. I was talking to That Man tonight about it, and he's like, "uh, honey, as soon as you two started squealing, I left the room, I have no idea what you two have planned." Party pooper. S'okay. We'll have fun anyway. Stinky boys in the snow, and lovely ladies in the warm cabin by the fire with hot chocolate.

So maybe my post should be about being all giddy and squealy. Because really, that's how I'm feeling, despite the fact I was up way too late last night having girl talk, giggling, squealing, and all that crazy stuff.

I am super tired. But super happy too. My friends get giddy over hearing my voice. In fact, my coworkers get giddy over hearing my name. AND, I'm infamous. Huh. Except I always thought I'd end up infamous for my homicidal tendencies, not for making folks giddy with happiness. Must work on that.


Jan Parrish said...

A get away, non skiing weekend sounds like so much fun. We missed you at lunch today.

Kay Day said...

giddy is fun! Yay for you!

I would love some time in a cabin! With friends. With family. Totally alone. I don't care!

Jana said...

I'd be giddy at the thought of it, too. ;)

Since you're one of my favorite people, I can totally understand you being infamous and giddy inducing. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Do you fill your room with laughing gas when you teach?

My husband always knows when it's my best friend on the phone. And he knows it's going to be a long, long phone call.

Delia said...

Men out in the snow; ladies in sipping hot chocolate, chatting, and writing...sounds like the perfect ski trip to me!

Danica Favorite said...

Well, the getaway isn't going to go as planned. We have another friend coming in to town, so we're getting together with her on Saturday, so the guys and kids will head up the mountain for the day and we'll meet them Saturday night.

But we'll still have fun. :)